Palin the Game Changer

The left’s relentless attacks on Sarah Palin were pretty amazing, considering she lost an election, yet they continued to pound on her and her family. Some Republicans even attacked her. So now she’s quit her job which seems to upset people even more.

They’re about to get even madder as she starts to go independent, supporting conservative politicians whether they be Democrat or Republican.

Yeah, she gets it. Party affiliations are meaningless these days. Going indy is the place to be. People are wising up to the fact that the party machines don’t care one whit for the people. And despite all the propaganda to the contrary, Sarah Palin is an astute politician. If she were the train wreck they tried to make her out to be they wouldn’t be so scared of her.

They are very, very scared.

Many Republicans may have got upset with her for quitting, but the truth is she has a lot of power now that she is free. She can do a lot of good. The non-partisan limited government movement is growing fast. The big boys don’t realize their days are numbered. The political hacks are due for a day of reckoning.

It will be interested to see exactly what she does, but I think she may lead a new movement that may form a third party. People want the bums to go. This might just work. We’ll see.

UPDATE: She’s now in the pundit class. I’m sure she will be very active fighting the very people who’ve been trying to destroy her reputation because they know that a strong voice on the conservative side is bad for their political agenda.

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  1. Good news.

    The support for independent candidates needs to continue to increase if the people want to take back control. I hope her running as you say she might encourages more citizens to learn more about the ideas of third parties.

    As I see it, the 18-35yo Democrats need to understand the importance of little goverment, the Constitution and _why_ it came about. They seem too often concerned with someone’s religious convictions and associated social beliefs than think about the ramifications of having the state take more control. If they learn that true liberty lies in free market principles where the government needs to be small, then hopefully they’ll start looking towards indepedent candidates. They’ll find plenty of libertarians who share their liberal social mindsets who’ll help them understand the virtues of conservative economics.

    And the older Republican voters need to start realise that their conservative interests are far from the same as the Republican Party. Conversely, they need to find those independents who share their conservative social views but actually uphold the Constitution instead of ignoring it.

    Like I’ve ranted on and on here continually: everyone needs to understand that there simply is a two-faction one-party system. The moment that happens, there will be a revolution of sorts. The elite’s house of cards will collapse and the power will be returned to the people.

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