I’ve been wanting to develop my own brand of philosophy concerning human existence for many years. While I have sampled many of the world philosophies, religions and political beliefs, I find that they are lacking in some ways. What they lack is an ability to deal with reality fully in some way. Because each has its own agenda and some don’t even include a desire to deal with reality, or their perception of it is one I can’t fully sign on to.

So I call this philosophy “para-realism”. Which means beyond reality.

Humans see reality in a limited way. It is clouded by their ignorance, emotions and perceptive abilities. They often can’t see the big picture because they are focused on details, or if they see a big picture they miss important details that are very relevant.

In order to deal with reality in a way that’s constructive you have to divorce yourself from your wants, opinions, prejudices and other human traits in order to see it dispassionately. That is almost impossible, yet it is critical to figuring out the proper course. If you look at human history for the last several thousand years, they have accomplished much, but in fact, accomplished very little. Because they have held themselves back constantly, with the foolish ideologies, politics and agendas of their time.

We still have wars. We still argue about things that are for all intents and purposes absurd. We are still holding ourselves back. In fact, it seems we are on the path to regression not advancement.

So I want to do a series of articles that explain how I think humanity could move forward. Without dealing with the things that prevent us from finding greatness, we will keep missing the mark.

The first thing you need to understand about para-realism is that it’s first rule is it doesn’t matter what you think, what you want, what you believe. The only thing that matters is if its true.

But truth is a variable that changes. What may be true one second is not the next. This planet has been here for billions of years. But someday it won’t be here. Once upon a time, it didn’t exist. Every truth is temporary.

Since the earth has been here so long, it will always be true for us, in our lifetimes, because if it didn’t we wouldn’t be alive. So that is a truth that is fairly constant. Some truths are temporary like rules that change pending on who makes them that day. Some truths outlive us, and others don’t last the day.

When it comes to politics or religion, it gets more complex. I will deal with that at length later.

What’s important is finding a way to see it and then deal with it in a constructive manner. Too many people cling to a truth that no longer exists or never did. They become emotionally invested in perpetuating an idea over a reality, rather than trying to make that idea a truth that matters.

The next article will be about the layers of reality. How your perception of reality depends on what layer you are looking at.

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  1. In a sense, this is how the hard sciences are supposed to work. Much of quantum physics doesn’t “make sense.” But it works, provably, and we just have to accept that as “truth” regardless of how we cannot understand it (indeed, as Neils Bohr said, we can NEVER understand it).
    I’ll be interested to see where you go with this.

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