Patrick Rothfuss: Kingkiller Series

I just finished “Wiseman’s Fear”, book two of Patrick Rothfuss excellent Kingkiller trilogy, It’s a popular fantasy series bound for television. It’s a great fantasy series, not as dark as Game of Thrones but the fantasy is toned down in favor of more character oriented scenes. It’s about a biographer named the Chronicler who tracks down a famous Archanist (Wizard) who’s been hiding out as an Inn Keeper. He wants to write his life story so the Archanist, named Kvothe, agrees and relates his amazing story. The third book is supposed to come out next year.

It’s set in a medieval fantasy type planet that has magic but is closer to our world than say, Tolkien’s, in realism. The magical creatures are more rare. Magic in this world behaves in an almost scientific way. The story is kind of a Harry Potter type saga as Kvothe is a penniless orphan who becomes a great wizard after going through a very tough academy.

The first book in the series is “The Name of the Wind”. I highly recommend them.


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