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  1. Kanye West — please go away or at least shut up for 6 months! You have two many points on the stupidity and arrogance card that’s arranged for performers… and your music is not that good to begin with.

    Patrick Swayze — beloved actor and personality, he defines the average person in films and that’s why there’s a genuine outpouring of affection for him before and after his demise.

    Pancreatic cancer is a horrible disease. It’s killed two people on my dad’s side of the family: his brother and mother. I pray better treatment to prolong life and a possible cure is found in the future. What people have to go through in treatment for this disease is barbaric and only generally puts off the inevitable.

    And yes, I have my own concerns that this is hereditary. My dad’s had his own cancer scare — thankfully the lesser kidney cancer which was taken care of by surgery (1/3 kidney removal). I’m also worried about what could happen to me, too. It’s not something I get anxiety about but it is inn the back of my mind…

  2. GeorgeC,

    My grandma died of pancreatic cancer after Christmas last year. It was devastating for me and my family. The cancer, which she had for about 4-5 years, wasn’t detected until after she was admitted into the hospital. At least I had a chance to say goodbye to her and that I loved her while she was still conscious. After that, she was pretty much catatonic and in pain for exactly a week, and it tore me up inside to see her like that. When she finally passed on the 28th of December, I was both stunned that she was dead, and relieved that her suffering was over. Mom and I are calmed down from the loss. But it feels rather funny without her. I’m the one alone taking care of the apartment while Mom’s at work.

    And I agree on Kayne West. I’ve also been a little mad at Daft Punk for allowing this *real* punk to sample their music for one of his songs. They’re way more talented than he will ever be.

  3. He came across as a good-natured guy, as far as I know he STFU about politics, and you gotta love Roadhouse–total cheese, but tasty anyway. Great film to watch with a beer and a buddy.

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