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I’m not from the South so I don’t really have much feeling for the Confederate/Yankee brouhaha. I know many people do. And it really isn’t a race thing with them. It’s cultural. In these PC Times there is a hardcore attempt to repress the confederate history and any reenactments or displays of the flag, etc. This story is a classic example:

A college fraternity inspired by Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee has banned members around the country from wearing Confederate uniforms to “Old South” parties and parades after years of complaints that the tradition was racially insensitive.

The whole thing about not wanting to offend someone is blatant censorship. It’s a lot healthier to know where people stand so you know where they’re coming from than for it to be hidden somewhere. But we don’t live in healthy times.

It’s also helpful for people to educate themselves in lost histories or things that are suppressed, like this for example. The Civil War started over slavery, but it wasn’t solely about it. Not at all. And there is a lot of repressed and suppressed history about the South certain people don’t want talked about. Like, besides black soldiers fighting for the South, how about black slave owners. They existed too.

People are people. To thing race would change what people would do, given the chance, is absurd. The south was much more complex a place than they would have you believe. The past will always be there, but we’re not given honest information about what really happened. It wasn’t all cut and dry.

Maintaining the myths about the Civil War makes it easier to keep hammering on white people with the white guilt lie, which is one of the most absurd con jobs in history. The idea that an entire race is responsible for the actions of a minority of people who are long dead. It’s a lot healthier for people to educate themselves in areas where they have been lied to for their whole lives. Besides, it’s interesting what you can turn up by researching these areas.

Here is the opposing point of view on the confederate black soldiers. However, his arguments are refuted by points made in the article above.

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  1. In 1999, the LA Board of Supervisors banned the Great Western gun show from LA county property. At the time, approximately 50,000 people attended the show which was held twice a year. This was, I believe, the largest meeting place of conservatives, libertarians and small government advocates in the US.

    The reason given was that LA county shouldn’t profit from gun sales. The fact of the matter was that the show was in essence a huge political event the left didn’t like. I never bought a gun there but I always came home with books I couldn’t get anywhere else and the certainty that there were lots of other people who felt the same way I did about liberty. I’m convinced that banning the show hastened California’s descent into blue state hell.

    The attempt to render Civil War enactors and Civil War cosplay politically incorrect is the same tactic. The upfront reason is that it scares people or hurts their feelings. The real reason is that it’s just another slice off the opposition.

  2. “The whole thing about not wanting to offend someone is blatant censorship.”

    It’s just censorship with a bag over its head. That’s the way they do things these days. Just give something a different name, then deny, deny, deny.
    I can damn well assure you that if a bunch of WASPs found something offensive, there is no chance in hell it would be banned. Just like the Canadian Human Rights Commission. They simply refuse to accept complaints from non-PC groups. Steyn tried to file with them against the Toronto imam who was preaching for violence in the name of jihad, and the outright murder of Jews and other infidels (in just so many words) and they simply round-filed his complaint.
    Along with South Park Muhammed, this is just another example of how easily freedom and individual rights can be taken away if the other side threatens violence or has political power, especially PC power.

  3. My son said his fifth grade history lesson on the Civil War was essentially “African American are good; slavery is bad. We had a civil war and the right side won.” I started homeschooling him the next year, and as part of a cross-country trip, we saw Gettysburg, PA. Now _that_ was the best course on the Civil War, and captured the causes, nuances, and sorrows of the event. It was more an issue of states’ rights & the 10th amendment than people wanting to keep slaves.

  4. Indeed. And it does a disservice to those kids to not know the true nature of the history of the country. A lot of history is about adult motivations, so the PC clowns want to boil it down to some oversimplified Hallmark card that pushes their world view. Bur the facts of history is that it is never as simple as they make it.

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