People are Sick of the Lies

The “Tragedy in Tuscon” as the press is calling it has been used by partisans, mainly on the left, to try to demonize and brand their opponents, despite the fact that they had nothing to do with it. It’s yet another in a long like of hysterical responses that has been going on since Bill Clinton started with the politics of personal destruction when he blamed conservatives for Oklahoma City. And the 2000 election and Iraq/Afghanistan wars only made things worse. It’s gotten to the point where both parties are being abandoned in droves and people are registering as independents.

Come on in, the water’s fine. As soon as the parties are made to feel accountable by the electorate, they will start to clean up their act. They haven’t gotten the message yet. At leasdt, the Democrats haven’t. The Republicans so some signs of getting it but they’re on a short leash.

The usual hacks are trying to shut down political debate like good fascists, using this event as an excuse. They do it every time.

But what’s really concerning is how politicized and polarized things have gotten. This has largely been the invention of the political class which is trying to use fear and anger to get people to agree with their agenda. In the process they are losing voters on both sides.

America is sick of arguing. We want responsible leadership. Right now we don’t have it. The side that starts acting like sane adults has a good chance of winning in 2012.

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