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  1. It’s very difficult to navigate comic-to-comic on this site. I notice you’re using WordPress 3.1 – have you considered switching the comics to subsidiary URLs such as thehud.com/obamanation and thehud.com/usefulidiots and installing ComicPress on each of these subdirectories? You could have links to the comics in your main blog, and then your readers could navigate the comics more easily.

    • Yes, I’m not satisfied with the way this template works. I am probably going to switch to a new one soon. But what you suggest is a good idea. Thanks.

    • OK, I created a different viewing system for the time being. I will improve on it later. Just click the banners for the cartoons on the right and click the cartoon you want to read. The taller ones are harder to read. I will find a better system when I switch themes.

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