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  1. It’s hilarious how many of the usual left-wing trolls are making your points for you. Genius. Tell me you’re paying these guys.

    You may get into this later but something that bugs the hell out of me are ADA requirements. Some places have absurd numbers of handicapped parking spots and most are filled by people who just carry grandma’s card with them. The cost of putting those ramps on every street corner in America must be mind-boggling, and how often do you see them used in most places? The handicapped bathroom requirement even in the smallest business reduces space for everyone else–including other handicapped people who may have digestive disorders, and has put businesses out of business if the have no room. And when was the last time you saw one being used by an actual handicapped person? I never have, ever! They are required in all government buildings–even fire stations!! The new handicapped (wheelchair) accessible ATMs–which are all new ATMs, the regular ones are vanishing–leave tall people (who may have severe back conditions) crouching like hunchbacks–and the ATMs don’t need to be that low in any case, even for midgets in wheelchairs.
    The ADA is a whole article in itself. If you go to their website, it is basically broken into two parts. The first part says handicapped people are legally the same as everyone else and here is a list of the punishments and fines you will get if you don’t treat them exactly the same. The second part details all the ways handicapped people are different and here is a list of fines and punishments if you don’t make allowances for those differences. WTF?

    As for the PC Police, who gives these people the right and the power? Most are self-appointed, anyway. And ESPECIALLY who gives them the right to quasi-legally punish people for getting the term of the week wrong? Such as the university PC Komissariats. Aren’t we supposed to have a system of law, not kangaroo courts?

    This is all part of the divide and conquer Marxist / Gramscian tactics, anyway. Instead of “Americans,” make people self-divide into groups. I’d never call myself a Canadian American or Welsh American or Celtic American or Homo Sapiens American. How far back do we go? Until it’s cool, of course. People with (claimed) Indian blood are always part Apache or Cherokee, never Flathead or Blackfeet or Pimo, you may have noticed. (One of my favorite Matt Groening cartoons was on reincarnation: “What were you in a past life? An Egyptian Pharoah? Marie Antoinette? A Nubian Princess? A wily trilobite?”)

    My all-time favorite PC term of all time, which didn’t catch on (alas), is “differently-abled” for the handicapped. I first saw it in a BART Station…in Berkeley. Where else?

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