Political Madness

Politics is defined as: use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control, as in business, university, etc.

But the truth is, politics is the science elites use to manipulate the masses into following their agendas.

Politicians use their understanding of human nature to manipulate people. They tell us what we want top hear. And all to get our consent to do somthing you would normally disagree with if you knew hat was really involved.

Human beings are motivated by self interest. Even the most saintly human being is still controlled by those things hardwired into them by nature. We all need to eat, breathe, mate, sleep, etc. We are ruled to one extent or another by these drives. And this sometimes makes us irrational. One of those irrational natures that extends from this is greed. Gluttony is a form of greed. It’s a greed for food. Sloth is a greed for relaxation. Lust is a greed for sex. Greed is the one big motivator and it is an extension of our natural urges. It is the source of “original sin”. We can’t escape our humanity. We can only try to control ourselves.

People who can’t control their greed are controlled by it. And then they often rationalize their motives to excuse themselves. To make themselves feel better. But they usually know they have a problem. They turn their self loathing on others in many ways, from insults to violence, to cheating and theft.

Once you understand human motivation directs our actions, you can understand why some political systems can’t work. They go against human nature. Communism and socialism are doomed to fail because they expect people to be selfless and non-corrupt. That simply doesn’t happen. So all such political systems become more corrupt, not less. They rely on some kind of bureaucracy and such things metastasize into bloated cancers that kill the host they were supposed to serve.

The reason the United States government has survived so long is the founders understood human nature. So they created a system of checks and balances to make it hard for the corrupt to ruin the system too much. It has taken a long time for them to cheat the system and make it the mess it is now.But fortunately, our checks and balances system may help right some of these wrongs. Tonight’s election goes a long way to stopping one party from ramming their agenda down everyone’s throats.

They are greedy to the extreme. They have lost all sense of reality. The people have spoken to them and they mocked them. They ignored them. And they did so at their peril.

This is only the start of something that started earlier in the year. Watch as the clueless and deluded ones destroy themselves and their party. It’s human nature writ large.

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