Politicians vs Americans

Yes, it’s come to that. In almost every place you turn bureaucrats are going against our best interests to serve the special interests they’re aligned with if not themselves. Here is yet another example, one that effects our food prices which are going up.

On a springtime drive through the Central Valley, it’s hard not to notice how federal and state governments are hell-bent on destroying the state’s top export — almonds — and everything else in the nation’s most productive farmland.

Instead of pink blossoms and green shoots along Highway 5 in April, vast spans from Bakersfield to Fresno sit bone-dry. Brown grass, dead orchards and lifeless grapevine skeletons stretch for miles for lack of water. For every fallow field, there’s a sign that farmers have placed alongside the highway: “No Water = No Food,” “No Water = No Jobs,” “Congress Created Dust Bowl.”

Locals say it’s been like this for two years now, as Congress and bureaucrats cite “drought,” “global warming” and “endangered species” to deny water to this $37 billion breadbasket through arbitrary “environmental” quotas.

It started with a 2008 federal court order that stopped water flowing from northern tributaries on a supposed need to protect a small fish — the delta smelt — that was getting ground up in the turbines of pump stations that divert the water south. The court knew it was bad law, but Congress refused to exempt the fish from the Endangered Species Act and the diversion didn’t help the fish.

As a result if this insanity, we have to import food when California’s breadbasket used to feed the nation and export produce around the world. The excuses they use all sound so reasonable if you believe in lies, but the fact is they are based on false assumptions and special interest propaganda. The bottom line is these politicians, mostly Democrats are cutting off America’s food supplies. They are not working in the people’s interests. Unemployment in the Central Valley is near 30%. That’s great depression numbers. And this is affecting migrant workers, you know, the ones Democrats claim they care so much about.

While politicians waste their time debating making Puerto Rico a 51st state, and financial regulations designed to permanently bailout wall street they are devastating the economy and people’s lives.

And they wonder why people are mad.

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