Politics Suck!

I used to blog about politics. I have my own views about things and I am not ashamed to admit it. I do not follow the herd and never have. But I stopped doing it because politics is an ugly business. Both sides have companies that invest millions in social media to spread lies about a topic or a person. They try to shape the debate about an issue or a candidate with falsehoods. A lot of people buy into this stuff and the internet is full of it. The big media are some of the worst offenders, but some people think that it’s only THAT channel that does it. No, sorry.

I’ll freely admit that back in the 90s I got into a lot of wasteful arguments with people online that could have been spent making money and creating comics. So I decided years ago t not get into it or try to. I don’t always succeed because some people want to fight. They don’t want to listen. I sometimes feel compelled to try to reason with people. To point out that something they said, may not be the way they seem to believe it is. There is always two sides to every story. But some people do not want their views challenged. And when you try to suggest they might be wrong, well it’s your fault. You are a tool of the corporations or what have you. I once told an anti-smoker that I believe smokers have rights to not be treated like criminals and force to stand in tiny areas where they can smoke outside. And for that I was called a stooge of the tobacco industry even though I never smoked and don’t like being around it. But I believe in civil rights.

So, today I had to defriend someone on Facebook. I rarely do that, but in this case it was kind of mutual since they pretty much said I should. It was because they just could not stop getting into long winded arguments with me and other people whenever anything, no matter how mild, was said politically. And even when I said nothing that to trigger their reaction, they would make it up!

Like I said, I don’t like wasting time with pointless arguments that are never going to be resolved because one side just wants to argue. Argue and have the last word. Sorry, but I’m not into that. Much better things to do which is why 99% of the time I don’t discuss politics online anymore.

What really gets me is when people try to tell me what I think. If you dare disagree with them, well you must be the opposite. There is only a binary reality with some people. Black or white, off or on. Democrat or Republican. The world is not two dimensional but to them it is. I have always been non-partisan. I have never believed either of the two parties are really for their respective platforms. It’s proven every time one of them gets power but you can’t tell people that because most people are into team sports. They believe their “side” are “the good guys”. Even if the “good guys” are screwing up the country it’s the “bad guys” fault. They see life like a comic book.

But I maintain the parties don’t care about “the people” and haven’t in a long time. If there is any binary it’s the elites vs the rest of us. The elites want you to think they are for whatever BS they are selling this week and they want you to agree with them, which of course is so they can benefit. It never occurs to the believers that their priest is a molester. Not until they are burned very badly.

We’re at a time in history where a lot of believers have been burned but they are angry. The anger is often misdirected because as I said, the elites spend millions to get you to hate who they want and to agree with what they want.

I would rather not argue with people anyway. I try to get along and always have, But I do have my principals so if we disagree, so be it. It’s just leave it at that.

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