Public Education is a Waste

For the money they spend on each student in public education, you could send your kids to the top private schools in your city.

The more public funds are spent on public education the worse it gets. It’s so bad in ultra-blue state Rhode Island they want to fire all the teachers. At fault are the education bureaucrats in each city who are over-paid and useless, the unions which have protected criminal teachers while over paying hacks. Government does not run things well. It runs them into the ground.

And let’s not forget how they are using schools to push a political agenda on these kids. One that’s actually bad for the country.

Time for real change.

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  1. I was trying to come up with a thoughtful comment, but finally I decided to stick with my initial response, which was “Everyone involved running the public school system in America should be shot in the face.”

  2. Now you can see why they hate home schoolers. Lots of money at stake there. And that’s probably why they don’t mind illegal alien kids as students. It’s all a numbers game

    • We homeschool. Glad it’s still legal here in Cali. The only and I mean only thing the gubenator did right was to protect CA homeschooling. So far anyway. Homeschooling, if enough parents partake could prevent the social engineering taking place in public “schools” from causing the intended commie revolution of USSA. That’s the one where the law in the UN, that Boxer and Feinstein support, gets passed that takes parental rights away and gives the rights of the child to the govern-mean-t. (see

      • The only problem with homeschooling is it’s another tax giveaway to the government. You pay your property taxes, then have to give your time (which is not without value) to educate them yourself. It’s even worse for the parents who go private.
        One the other hand, when you homeschool, kids learn so much faster when the PC crap and useless makework is stripped out they don’t have to stay at school 6 hours a day, 5 days a week and can learn other, more useful things.

  3. Hi Hud. RR tried to abolish the ‘Dept of Education’ 25 years ago. Maybe we should try again. Cordially Charles

  4. The Department of Education is one of the many government programs where, if they simply sent everyone home one Friday and padlocked the doors, no one would notice.

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