Public Plan Dropped, For Now

They couldn’t get the votes or the public support so they are backing off the public insurance option. Watching Obama try to spin it the other day was almost hilarious if it wasn’t so boring.

But don’t think you can relax. They will try to sneak something through that will make it easier for them the next time.

The good news is this stinging rebuke may just scuttle Obama’s many plans as more and more Dems will be afraid to support him as his poll numbers sink. The polls are showing a huge rout of the Dems next year if things continue as they are. Obama may have seen his last successes.

We shall see.

UPDATE: All you Canadians who tell me I’m a liar when I talk about your failing health care system, read this and weep.

Governments are incapable of running a business. Government needs to get out of businesses and leave it to the private markets.

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