Public Sector Unions Explained

This video does a great job of breaking it down. Basically, people who work for the government already have better job security and pay than the average person, yet they are not satisfied. They want more. And as we’ve seen in Wisconsin, people are threatening violence against anyone who disagrees with them. The Democrats and labor unions have escalated the madness there.

State budgets around the nation are out of control and a large part of it is because of public sector unions. Here in California, Governor Jerry Brown made it possible for public sector employees to unionize back when he was governor in the late 70s, early 80s. Now the state is broke and as governor his solution is to raise fees and fines to the ceiling, he is seeking to raise taxes almost as soon as he was in office, despite his claim he wouldn’t do that. But the reality is, even lefty governors like Brown will have to face cutting back on state workers. The states, and the federal government are not able to continue the way they are.

Notice that the statists all claim there’s plenty of money. We just need to take it all from “the rich”. There isn’t enough money in that well, and frankly, government should operate within its means.

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  1. So,

    Basically all the people who FLUNKED math in high school or didn’t bother to master it through at least Algebra II are telling the rest of us to hand over more cash! I’m guessing a high percentage of pols in the highest offices were C/D-students and their A/B-student hanger-on’s are followers.

    I keep bumping into people who are brainless followers of the A-class! (Take and interpret that as you well…. “A” doesn’t always stand for a grade!)


    This is what get when we let control freaks and ne’er-be-well losers run the political machines…

    I hate politics but unfortunately it looks like more of us with the distaste for it have to pay attention, vote for honest people who are NOT going to make a career out of politics and keep closer tabs on the activities of the people WE ELECT… not just the reps from another state.

    I’ll never understand why New Yorkers and Californians feel entitled to tell the rest of the country what to do when while their political bodies are failing in the most essential functions of government!

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