Pushing Too Hard

The unintended consequences of multi-multiculturalism and progressive politics.

In the UK, where they bent over backward to accommodate immigrants and their culture, the worm is turning, big time.

Three-quarters of non-Muslims believe Islam has provided a negative contribution to British society, according to a new poll, which has prompted calls for Muslims to help improve the perception of their faith.

The study for the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) also found that 63% of people surveyed did not disagree with the statement “Muslims are terrorists” and 94% agreed that “Islam oppresses women”. It included qualitative as well as quantitative data. One respondent said: “”If I had my way I’d kick them all [Muslims] out of here.”

The results follow an online YouGov poll, published in June, that found 58% linked Islam with extremism and 69% believed it encouraged the repression of women.

And in Mongolia they are embracing Hitler. Yes, Hitler. Mongolian extremists hate the Chinese.

As I noted in the story below on Racism, when one side pushes too hard and gets too in your face about it, they risk a backlash. People can get along if they try to get along, but when one side feels they deserve to be treated better than anyone else and try to destroy someone’s culture and tell them they have to submit to their ways, it’s going to get ugly. Muslims in Europe have gotten way too push. They cause most of the crime and riots. They have made whole areas off limits to Europeans, in their own country. And then the pressure groups think all they need is to “educate” the stupid natives to just accept Islam. When they are openly stating they want to convert the country, they’re asking for trouble.

The Chinese are an imperialistic nation who has been flexing its muscles a lot lately. They risk facing the same problems all Imperialistic nations have in the past. But a lot sooner as things don’t take as long anymore.

We live in times of great partisanship on many sides and the end result of this will be conflict. People in this country need to get a clue about what’s really important and stop with the insane radical push towards socialism, which has failed everywhere it’s been tried. Cuba is even starting to turn toward freer markets now. Britain is moving to “decentralize” it’s healthcare service after finally realizing socialized systems don’t work. In the US today, the people of Missouri have shown Obamacare the door. As of this writing 75% of voters have rejected it.

The wheels are coming off the progressive wagon. And multiculturalism is about to become a dirty word.

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  1. The same is going on in New York as both major political and business interests have ignored the outcries against the Ground Zero “Islamic Cultural Center.”

    This is stupidity and insane PR on the part of the city mayor and the major political players in NYC. Too bad appointees can't be voted out; the mayor definitely deserves to lose his office and get his parking privileges revoked. Heck, if there were justice he should MOVE to one of the countries that cheered on 9/11. He wouldn't last a second…

    Emotional response or not, this has nothing to do with the GOP even though Slate is trying to turn it into that. This has to do with 3,000 people killed close to 10 years ago and the fact that we still have people in the US that regularly spit on the graves of innocents AND living American citizens because they don't bow to Allah the way they think everyone else should. It's a fact that Slate-ers ignore at their own peril. Kool-Aid drinkers are usually the first ones that get their throats slit.

    The Kool-Aid drinkers are also ignoring the fact that one of the MAJOR players in the “Cultural Center” has links to terrorist organizations and is at least tangentially connected to the “Gaza relief flotilla.”

    This deserves more play than it's getting.

    I don't hate Moslems per se but I DO HATE the undercurrent in the most unforgiving, fanatical strains of their religion. I find it unforgiving, oblivious to reason, and with more than an implicit hint of racism in it. (Also ignored by the MSM is that Black Liberation Theologists love their Radical Islam!) That's what I've generally encountered with these so-called “loving people” online. Remember folks ,this is the religion in which True Believers say you can't get the gist of it unless you read it in the original Arabic!

    The fact that this is happening under Obama (the Undeclared in the US Moslem President) should be even more reason for more people to vote the Democrats and Republican enablers of his policies out of office in November!

    If the voters of NYC have a freakin' clue, get rid of Bloomberg and his cartel ASAP.

    PR battle or not, the nutzoids of the world are going to win a major symbolic victory if the “Islamic Center” ever gets finished.

    Those symbolic victories mean something to the very ideology we should all be fighting if we have any sense of what's at stake.

    We can all imagine that there would be no problem for the New York authorities to turn down a Western Civilization or Christian Center on the same site “Islamic Sesame Street” is being built.

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