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One of the philosophers that has a major influence on para-realism is Rene Descartes who changed the way we look at things completely. He questioned the very nature of reality and had a fundamental impact on mathematics and the sciences. He was a man who defied the dogma of his times, and considering we live in an age where dogma and superstition has been making a huge comeback it’s time we started taking up some of Descarte’s philosophical points again.

Everywhere you turn there is either religious or political fundamentalists screaming at you. Even the atheist fundamentalists are extreme. Group think is being pushed on us from every direction and I, as Descartes before me, look upon such things as dangerous to the well being of society. You should question everything you’re told and listen to different sides. All sides are only giving you their version of reality. The reality that humans see is incomplete. Relying on one point of view is a sure way to remain ignorant.

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  1. To be honest, I really do believe in God.

    Where I differ from many Christians is that I have a lot of questions about reality and the origins of some beliefs and stories and have difficulty trusting in some guy at the front of the pews unless I know all he’s about. I would find it very difficult to go to Church with a narrow minded zealot leading who is either a big-government progressive (the guy might as well be an aetheist in my opinion) or fundamentalist to the point that every practice in the New Testament has to be followed to the letter… (I’m okay with sprinkling for baptism… Other people have phobias of water or may be too sick to be practical for traditional Protestant baptismal dunking.)

    Half the problems with many organized religions is that most followers never pick up their holy books and actually read the scriptures on their own! They’re relying on somebody else to be honest and interpret things for them. That’s a huge problem — especially if the majority of followers are illiterate or culturally brainwashed. Lead example — firebrand Islam and the call by Imams to kill everyone else who doesn’t follow THEIR interpretation of Islam. And we all know that worldwide their influence is big enough to cause misery on every inhabited continent. In the absence of enough counter-examples, firebrand Islam has become the de facto face of Islam in the world today.

    The recent Court ruling in favor of Phelps’ hate-mongering has got me worried. I just hope most people realize his little church isn’t mainstream Christianity. They’re just a group of small-minded, inconsiderate, dispassionate jerks taking Bible passages out of context to inflict pain on other individuals at their most emotionally sensitive times. In short, they’re bullies. I hate to think that some in the Court think that bullying protected anymore than libel is. There are times when moments should be private — especially at graveyards — and that jerks and bullies shouldn’t be allowed to “exercise their free speech” at the cost of someone else without suffering a consequence. Freedoms are not absolute when some jackass uses his freedom to take away chunks of someone else’s.

    Some Klan groups were put of business in earlier decades. Why is Westboro immune to bankruptcy???

  2. Descartes came up with the fundamental principle that is the bedrock on which all of philosophy rests:
    “Cogito, ergo sum.”
    This is, quite literally, the ONLY thing we can truly know (and, conversely, it is the only thing about yourself which you can never prove to another person). Then, starting from there, we can branch out into different philosophies.
    (Bonus joke: The dean of a university was asking his accountant what the cheapest department of the university was to run. “I think it’s the Math Department,” he said. “All they need is paper and a wastepaper basket.” The accountant shook his head. “Philosophy. They don’t need the wastepaper basket.”)

  3. There are weird things staring at us; they’re all around the world.

    Monuments whose building can’t be explained by our technology let alone the “supposed primitive civilizations” of our world’s past. These include the pyramids and ancient cities buried in the desert as well as below the seas.

    There is archaelogical work that tends to support some of the wilder stories in the Old Testament rather than completely dismiss it as legend.

    There have been recent anthropological discoveries that seriously suggest we’re looking at a time frame on the order of AT LEAST 200,000 to 500,000 years ago for the emergence of modern man rather than the traditionally accepted 50,000 years.

    Many of this evidence has been discouraged… There have been attempts to hide it away or dismiss it as heresy and crackpot by the supposedly open-minded academic world.

    That doesn’t mean the discoveries aren’t authentic. It just means the fundamentalists in academia and science don’t want to do their jobs and get their hands dirty exploring these enigmas…. Better for them to stay “safe” in their current labs and universities than actually seriously examine these mysteries with an open mind.

    I’ve encountered this attitude many times in my life…

    • The truth is human beings know very little. They are always discovering they are wrong. Those who claim to have absolute truths are not to be trusted. The more we learn about the universe, the stranger it gets.

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