Racism is a Bogus Word

The problem with all these bogus claims is no one can produce any evidence of the racist charge. No N word, nothing. Al Sharpton claims he saw a tape of it but Andrew Breitbart has offered $10,000 to anyone who has such a tape. No takers. The fact is, when it was supposed to have happened there was all kinds of media there and no tape has been produced. The press are liars. Point blank.

No wonder they are losing viewers in massive numbers.

Of course, this has not stopped the lefties from doing the administration’s bidding by attacking the tea party as racist at every turn. It’s like the Bizarro version of Fascism.

The reason for it is obvious, they want to shut up any dissent and discredit anyone who doesn’t go along with the program. The media is propping up the establishment, and all those who go along with it are nothing more than enablers of what is increasingly resembling fascism. The latest example is the attacks on companies that have come out to say Obama care will cost them millions. Henry Waxman wants to haul them before congress and see all their emails for the last five years. They want to scare companies into shutting up even though the Democrat’s policies will seriously hurt an already damaged economy, much in the same way FDR made the depression last 7 years longer.

The R word is losing all meaning.

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