Radiation Reality

The media continues to run around flailing their arms over the Japanese reactor story. The name Chernobyl keeps coming up. There is really no comparison since that reactor was a lot different and didn’t have some of the safety features these do. It should also be said that Chernobyl is far from some wasteland today. It happens to be Europe’s largest wildlife refuge. Life is thriving there. Just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki are thriving cities in spite of the fact they were both nuked.

The reality of nuclear fallout is much different than the press and hysterics want us to believe. Astronauts get more radiation exposure than many of the people in Japan are getting, so do flight crews on airlines. There is certainly reason for concern that the problem will be resolved, but Japan is the most nuclear smart country on earth.

One thing’s for sure, the scare tactics of the American media right now is appalling. Especially when they talk about fallout reaching the states. It isn’t helpful that this administration has its share of crackpots including the head of the Energy Department. Like I said, go to better sources for your information. The press isn’t one of them.

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