Reality's a Bitch

Even the New York Times has to admit it. Socialism does not work. It’s unsustainable.

Said it before and will say it again. All it does is lead to human misery. When the entitlements house of cards collapses, a lot of people will be out in the cold. And it will be on all those people who believed that cradle to grave government programs work. They don’t. They can’t.

People have to learn. And they will have to learn the hard way, apparently.

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  1. Socialism as a theory is an attempt to impose a simple model on a non linear world. Given that the attempt having failed so often, it tends to lead one to believe that the basis of their efforts is not a scientific one, but a religious one.

    But, I don’t think this is where socialism gets it’s impossible to kill toughness from. That comes from the structure of all democratic systems. They all have a flaw in their operating systems so to speak and socialism is the virus that exploits that flaw – namely the well known ability and assurance over time of 51 percent of the electorate to vote themselves the other 49 percent’s money. Where socialist theory comes in is as protective coloration to fake out the moralistic (thou shalt not steal) anti-bodies.

  2. Yes, and then the system collapses and people have a hangover that reboots it. Hopefully the reboot will restore things to a previous version and not install a defective “upgrade”.

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