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  1. Conservative or libertarian Jews are terrific assets to have on your side. Jonah Goldberg, Horowitz, the JPFO. I buy their books and wear their T shirts. But nominally left wing Jews who have suddenly found out that multiculturalism has ejected Israel from the big tent have a long road to follow before they end up back in the land of liberty.

  2. I've got nothing against Jews, personally. Culturally and religiously I have far more in common with them than Moslems, for instance… Heck, I don't think I could be a comic book reader if I were anti-Semitic!

    (Do your history research folks — most of the great heroes were created by Jews…)

    What I've NEVER understood is this fear of the Jewish left of Christians and Conservatives in particular, I'm sorry, but the best support for Judaism and Israel in particular comes from the Right AND Christians! Sure, there are some “Christians” that are shameful and say stupid things but by far they're friendlier to the Israeli interests and less likely to throw anybody “in an oven” if there's a disagreement!

    Extreme Leftists tend to be hateful to Jews — particularly RELIGIOUS Jews like the Rabbi here — and support people who drag down/destroy civilizations. These aren't particularly civic-minded or nice people to be sure! Read what happened to Jews in the Communist movement. They tended to be liquidated ASAP by rivals. “Nice fellows” like Che who have become cult heroes to university twits were infamous for being Anti-this and Anti-That IN ADDITION to being full-blown bigots who WOULD kill people they were prejudiced against!

    My entire life I've seen this New Yorker/Jewish mentality thing where they feel like the middle of the country is against them and wants to kill them. I think New York Jews have far less to fear from Midwesterners and the vast majority of Anti-Semites (people who say stupid things but won't kill people) than they do of people in power who are two-faced. And VIRULENTLY Anti-Semitic.

    Why they overlooked Obama's past and foolishly supported him I have no idea. Before I did my own mini-investigation of Obama's Cult— er, “Church” —, I was already concerned about him being part of the Chicago political machine. That was enough for me NOT to vote for the guy!

    As soon as the revelations about that “Church's” connections to Nation of Islam and very radical priests came up, that should have sent a clear message to Jewish Democrats about what was going to happen with Obama. Why oh why didn't they listen to common sense????

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