Resign, Obama.

He thinks the reason his bills haven’t passed is he hasn’t explained it enough. Here’s the reality, he and his people have broken a lot of laws. They keep breaking them, adding to a huge list of constitutional felonies. At some point, probably after the election the Republicans will be able to form committees to investigate him. There are more than enough reasons to impeach him on what he’s done already.

Obama needs to resign while there’s time.

The people are upset now. But they will be much more upset after November and the Democrats power will be much less. If he was smart, he would start looking for an exit strategy. But of course, we know he isn’t. At all. Why else would his grades be unavailable?

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  1. James, I was trapped in a hospital waiting room with the TV stuck on CNN, so I didn’t have a choice, but if you caught any of BHO’s Q&A session today, where Harry Reid pushed a bunch of endangered Democrats in front of the cameras to get their faces plastered on TV while they pretended to take issue with his policies, you could see how obvious it was that BHO believes at his core that he’s got the American People fooled.

    BHO is incapable of answering a probing question without inventing some new malady that already existed when he “walked in the door” (read: it’s all Bush’s fault). He openly lied about *inheriting* a $1.3T budget deficit – forgetting that he either voted for or signed, as President, every bill that makes up the current budge. He asserted that he and the Dem majority were forced (forced, I tells ya!) to blow $800 billion in borrowed money on what has turned out to be nothing more than pork and political payoffs. He claimed that Americans should trust the Dems’ fiscal policy because “the last time the federal budget was balanced, it was balanced by a Democrat”. Short memory – he forgets which branch passes spending bills and which party had the Congressional majority in 2000.

    BHO is in love with his own imaginary version of reality and there is NO way in hell he’s ever going to admit to being wrong. I fear things will get much worse before they get better – on all fronts.

  2. Oh, yeah. That’s for certain. If he isn’t in the 30s or lower by election time I’ll be surprised. And it’ll be Bush’s fault!

    Oh, the poor Democrats who thought this guy was a genius. How foolish they will look. But then, they will probably change the subject.

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