Return to the Hospital

I’ve been back in San Diego for about a month. Sorry for the lack of posts. I do most of my updates on Facebook where I have a decent following. But I wanted to do an update here for anyone who doesn’t see those posts.

The VA here has been very aggressive in treating my wounds. But after some tests and consultations with various doctors I decided after some discussion to check myself into the hospital tomorrow so they can start working on fixing my leg, They did find evidence on infection in my leg bone and it’s not certain yet if I will lose that lower leg bone or not. They want to try various things and the plastic surgeon seems fairly optimistic he might be able to save it. We shall see.

It’s not certain how long I will be in there. At least a week but it could be much longer, I hope not. Basically, I decided to bite the bullet because as long as I am being treated for this wound I can’t work. I am spending too much time with nurses and doctor appointments I really want to get back to work. It’s been too long,

So I am taking my tablet and phone so I will be able to check in. I am hoping this time they can get this thing dealt with so I no longer have to deal with the pain. I really hate hospital stays, but dealing with this nightmare is worse.

When I get back I have a lot of writing to focus on, This leg thing has been too much of a distraction. Wish me luck.

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