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This guy was homeless recently. He has turned his life around and has a message for the prez. Good for him.

The way groups like ACORN, who have a vested interest in this administration’s siphoning of America’s wealth, have tried to demonize and mis-characterize the tea party people is a clear lesson in how little they have to do with the public and have everything to do with the corrupt power structure.

Any group who defends exorbitant taxes and more government control, and tries to attack and discredit those opposed to it are enemies of the people. Point blank.

ACORN has tried to steal elections, now they are tying to disenfranchise the voters again. And the other groups jelping them are all enemies of freedom. They are outing themselves. Make note.

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  1. I’m telling you, Hud, this administration is amazing in its boldness of lying and mischaracterizing every one of its critics as “radicals” and “extremists” dedicated to conspiracies and every nasty thing under the sun.

    I found it particularly callous and insulting that they are bringing up the spectre of the Oklahoma City bombing and suggesting that new McVeighs existed within the veterans of the current Gulf War/Afghan actions and that these fellows are prime targets for recruitment by supremacist groups. What depths can the Obama admin and current DHS sink to further tar and feather anybody that doesn’t toe the party line?

    So far, if you disagree, you’re a racist.

    It’s more important to report on Obama’s kids’ damn new dog than to report about the fact that a bunch of us think the guy is a twit and heading the country on the wrong path.

    If you don’t agree the taxes and economic restructuring and bailouts, you’re callous and don’t care about your fellow Americans.

    I submit that it’s Obama that doesn’t care and is hell-bent on getting whatever measure he, Reid, and Pelosi without regards to the reality of most people in this country and the fact that a lot of us DON’T want the kind of America these guys are hell-bent on forcing on the rest of us without any kind of discussion!

    The Maddows, Matthews, and Olbermans in the media are just completely distorting what the Tea Parties are about and the significance of the Texas State Declaration is being lost on many, many people. I’m telling you, Washington better start paying attention because people are getting tired of the lies and character assassinations by our current government. This should have been a huge wake call-up for them instead of a signal to them to begin even more mud-slinging.

    I hope 2010 isn’t too late for change and getting rid of a bunch of these folks. It’ll be a nice start IF enough of us are awake and realize we have to vote out the enablers of Obama and get in people who respect the Constitution and the intelligence of the people who produce for this country. 2012 and the end of this current administration can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, I hope the Tea Parties and more state declarations like Texas can stall the craziness of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda.

  2. It hasn’t gotten ugly yet. The O.A. is just throwing stuff out there to see what the reaction is. They back up when they get too much of a strong reaction. But at some point they may decide to take some kind of action and if they make the wrong move, they may find the demonstrations won’t be peaceful anymore.

    I suspect they might send in fake crazy people to make the protesters look bad and try to blame it on conservatives like Clinton tried to do with McVeigh. That really went well. He ended up losing the congress and getting impeached. In the next congressional election, I think many Democrats will fall. But they will probably pull out the stops to try to stay in power through election fraud. I think ACORN and Obama’s election team used a lot of illegal acts in the last election and stuff like Fraken’s “win” is utterly bogus.

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