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  1. Al Williamson was one of the most approachable comics professionals I ever had the pleasure of meeting. I was lucky enough to meet him at a party at the 1971 Comic Art Convention in New York. Gary Groth and I had just come back to the Statler-Hilton from a late (11 PM) dinner with Jim Steranko at Tad’s Steakhouse on West 34th Street (a story in itself), and ended up at a party thrown by Jeff Jones.

    Coming up to the doorway of the suite we stopped to allow someone leaving the room to get past us. It was Al Williamson. Recognizing Gary, he stopped. Groth introduced me, and we all chatted for a bit (mostly about the comics work Al had been doing lately, and about how grateful we were that he’d brought a killer collection of international comics art to the con for display). Williamson, on his way home for the night, asked “Hey, isn’t it a bit late for you guys to be up?” Gary immediately responded with “Of course not. We’re fanzine editors.” I added, “We’re used to burning the midnight oil.” Williamson broke up, said good night, and left.

    Wow, another legend gone.

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