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  1. I think he had a subdermal hematoma, Hud.

    Same thing happened to Natasha Richardson. Basically, you have an undiagnosed condition and you must get medical attention within a very short period of time… After they do an MRI to check out and see if you a burst vessel/leak, they have to do surgery very quickly to relieve pressure on the brain. That means cutting a hole in your skull and letting the swelling poke through until it goes down. In the meantime, they sow up the piece of skull inside your abdomen and keep it there to prevent infection until the swelling passess. The blood leakage can cause brain damage (and eventual death) from the increased pressure unless it’s checked.

    (Same basic procedure was done for Roy Horn after he was attacked by his tiger. It’s the first time I was aware of it. Sounds sick cutting a piece of yourself and insulating it that way but better than getting an infection or losing a piece of skull!)

    It’s a very, very sad thing and you have to be aware of what to look for. So many people die from this unaware of their susceptibility.

    In Richardson’s case, I truly believe socialized medicine did her in (in addition to her blowing it off as a normal fall). There was no life flight/helicopter to take her to a hospital and they lost a lot of time between driving her to the nearest town with a hospital from the resort. I’m not even sure they did an MRI on her until after she was gone. Remember, socialized medicine = rationing and exploratory scans are too expensive to perform on a middle-aged woman…

    It’s true that Richardson didn’t seek help right away but I truly believe cost-cutting did her in as much as her neglect to seek help right away. Most people in her situation wouldn’t have gone to the hospital right away, either. I mean how many of us go seek help after we bump our heads, too?

  2. Weird…

    Heart disease, huh?

    It was amazing how many jerks were online the other day saying his wife should sue the airline if he had the subdermal hematoma. Not my line of thinking, btw. It’s still your own damn responsibility to get your carcass to the hospital if you’re feeling really bad!

    We have far too many crybabies and whiners that want to blame somebody else for their problems…

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