RIP Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson

Two in one day. First Farrah, icon of the 70s. I used to have that poster of hers when I was a teen. And just now, Michael Jackson, who you knew wasn’t going to live a long life. He looked pretty frail and he was pushing himself to train for a series of concerts.

The books about Jackson will be endless, I think. More people will come out about him after the dust settles. I suspect there will be little doubt about his sexuality when then, as if there is now.

UPDATE: Captain Eo. I haven’t seen this since teh 1980s.

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  1. You know, despite all of the jokes, I have always felt bad for Michael Jackson. The guy clearly had serious mental problems and I suspect that he never got much help from those around him. RIP.

  2. Yes, but I had a personal experience with Jacko I wrote about for BH. We’ll see if they run it. It’s fairly explosive.

    I do think he was mentally imbalanced. A lot of people took advantage of him, but he was no saint.

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