RIP: Frank Frazetta

One of the great painters of our time has passed away today. He was 82.

Frazetta was a comics artist who became a painter and did a lot of iconic covers for Warren Magazines and book publishers. Many of his paintings are to comics fans what a great art masters were to art. He was able to lend a power to his paintings that few have ever come close to. I remember pouring over books that collected his paintings as a kid. I had this one as a poster on my wall for many years in my teens and early 20s.

He died of a stroke. But he had one several years ago that robbed him of his ability to paint anymore. His art will live on.

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  1. Frazetta will be remembered when all the government grant funded modern artists living today are dead and forgotten.

  2. I first saw his work on the covers of the Conan books I was reading in junior high. I sure never dreamed I’d meet him at a party at an SF con 20 years later! He was short but a tough-looking dude. I think he was a serious weightlifter…not someone you’d expect to be a painter, anyway. I got to talk with him a little and he was kind of arrogant, but then again, he could deserve to be. Despite that, he was actually pretty nice to chat with, although he didn’t handle fools well. It was kind of like talking to Buddy Rich. Bernie Wrightson was there, too, as was Jeff Jones.

  3. Never met him myself, but he had a rep as being like that. He was a body builder and somewhat of a wild man in his youth from what I hear. He was into Parkour before there was such a thing. Back in his 20s he supposedly liked jumping from rooftop to rooftop in NY.

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