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  1. Leslie Nielsen was best in comedies where played the straight man — Airplane, The Naked Gun.

    Honestly, he hasn’t made many films of late that I would call classic but they had their funny moments. Some of the stuff in Superhero — a straight–up by-the-numbers spoof of Spider-Man — was pretty funny.

    Another notable death over the weekend was director Irvin Kershner, otherwise known as the ONLY man to direct a Star Wars film that overcame Lucas’ bad ideas — Kershner knew how to say “No” to Lucas –, had excellent performances in it from EVERYONE, and is otherwise going to be the only Star Wars judged as an excellent film on its own. That film was, of course, The Empire Strikes Back. It’s the only film where I felt Vader was truly evil/scary and also where the main characters felt three-dimensional.

    It was also brought to my attention that British scream queen aka Hammer Studios’ performer Ingrid Pitt also passed away on the 23rd of November.

    • Yeah, Kershner along with producer Gary Kurtz reigned Lucas in. After that, Lucas did whatever he wanted and we all know how that worked out. He wants to do a NEW version of the Star Wars films in #D, and I am sure he will add some new tweaks. Great.

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