Sarah Palin Comic

A publisher called Bluewater Productions is putting out a series of comics on famous female politicians. That doesn’t sound like something that would sell very well in the comics business, but apparently, the Sarah Palin comic is flying off the shelves, as is the Hillary Clinton one.

They also plan to do one on male politicians starting with Colin Powell.

Bluewater is also doing comics about celebrities including William Shatner.

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  1. No, no, no!

    I DO NOT like to be educated by comic book writers and artists,

    Sam I am!


    I prefer fantasy or noir… I am most definitely NOT in the target group for comics about politicians!

    They can spare me the Golden Book versions of these people’s lives and careers…

    Too much political clap-trap for the past 18 months and thanks to Obama’s incompetence, it looks like at least another 3-and-a-half years unless NOBODY arrives the national scene to get rid of David Dinkins, Jr. (the Anointed One)!

  2. An article I read about it spent several paragraphs smirking about how “of course” ignorant redneck Palin fans couldn’t understand anything more difficult than a (gasp!) comic book, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, know what I mean.
    Then they sort of casually mentioned in the last few lines that there was a Hillary comic and it was selling about as well.
    Our non-biased press at work.

  3. I’m amazed anyone wants to spend money on comics about politicians that don’t involve them being shot at. But whatever.

    The press is so biased these days, I am having a grand old time watching them fall like dominoes. Not happening fast enough, frankly.

  4. “I’m amazed anyone wants to spend money on comics about politicians that don’t involve them being shot at.” – LOL!

    I can’t say I shed any tears when I hear that this or that newspaper is in decline. I don’t think the US needs more papers pushing the same party line (and you know what party I mean). But I do wonder what will happen to the quality of local coverage when papers have local monopolies. Or when a region has no local paper at all.

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