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  1. Hilarious and flawlessly executed.
    The horrifying part is that if Hollywood thought they could get away with it, they’d do it. Alan’s got THAT right.

  2. The same group apparently did this parody of Akira. An Americanized version. The voice acting reminds me of that horrible Carl Macek dub job.

  3. LOL!! I was wondering what that thumbnail was. Seeing the flag made me suspect it’d be cheesy, but not this bad.

    If these Saturday morning versions were for real, I can’t imagine working on them. I’d be embarrassed to put them on my resume. I salute people like Steve Gerber who managed to inject intelligence and dignity into American cartoons.

  4. If WATCHMEN were a cartoon series in the 80s, it would be a LOT like this! Not as hilariously over-the-top as this, but still just as embarrassing.

    The makers of this cartoon have done a superb job!

  5. Adam Warren worked in Hollywood with Bruce Timm on developing a new “saturday morning cartoon,” and the end result would have been awesome, if it hadn’t been scuttled by typical Hollywood idiocy. Basically, even though the idea was great, they killed it because the Decision Makers got distracted at the pitch meeting by toys for some other series that someone had brought to the meeting to show off.
    True story.

  6. That’s such a shame, Toren! With ‘thinking’ like that, it’s a miracle that anything good gets made at all.

    That reminds me of a Steve Lightle story about an American pseudoanime version of Legion of Super-Heroes that he did the character designs for. It was supposed to be a cross between Legion, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon. Fortunately, it never got off the ground. Score one for the Decision Makers?

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