Scary Picture of the Day

To the people who endorse dependence on the state and limiting people’s freedoms, this picture has to be disturbing. It’s the people who showed up for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in Washington. It’s a clear sign that people are motivated to vote out the big government loving progressives in either party.

Of course, the lap dog media is out there pointing out the the attendees are “mostly white” because, you know, white people have no right to opinions. They’re stupid racists. They should just shut up and do what they’re told. And that goes for any black people, gays or any other minorities who step off the reservation. You will be punished, slaves! Get back in line!

That’s really what the critics of this thing are saying. They’re afraid of debate and they’re really afraid of change. The kind that removes them from power, naturally. They had such a good scam going, bleeding the nation dry. And whittling away what’s left of people’s rights. And making sure they understand that their opinions don’t matter because they’re in charge and you are just supposed to thank them as they beat you.

Does that sound too harsh?

Now, I’m not totally down with Beck’s spiel. I don’t think religion is what needs to be back in government. It’s SANITY that matters. We have people running the show who are destroying the greatest, most prosperous nation on earth and are determined to continue their work. Beck is into generalities. He means well. And at least he is getting people’s attention.

His rally was not political. It was not partisan. That is one of the big lies that the detractors keep saying. It is about restoring core religious values to our society and government. Gee,what a frightening thought that must be to all those amoral, lying hacks in the press.

Especially the so called “progressives”, who better be worried because signs are not going their way. Could they get a crowd like that now for any of the bogus agendas. Doubtful. This one was three times the size of that famous anti-Vietnam rally that was in a scene from Forrest Gump. The one Norman Mailer wrote about as Armies of the Night. Only 100,000 showed up for that.

The counter demonstration to Beck’s rally only attracted some flies and homeless people looking for free food. Oh, yeah and some assorted nuts and flakes.

The press is going to town on the Beck Rally, but the good one to watch is in a couple of weeks. The 9/11 memorial. It’ll be interesting. Attending will be people like Geert Wilders the rising Dutch politician who wants the Koran banned in his country, as hate literature, to make a point about his country’s double standard. He also want Muslim immigration stopped because it’s threatening to swamp his tiny nation. The press has already branded him the new Hitler. Watch them go crazy in two weeks.

Like it or not, things are coming to a head. It’s like the late 1930s all over again. Forces are trying to push their agendas on unwilling populations and there will be blow back. Add to that a global economic meltdown and it can get really ugly. Our alleged president is not going to help matters any.

The left wants to make “the right” out to be all about racism and so on. But that’s not it at all. And the more they try to play that card, the more they will create a response they will not see coming. Yesterday was a sign of things to come. The people were well behaved and they picked up after themselves. The lefties are going out of their way to insult tea partiers and anyone else who sympathizes. They fail to understand that they’re making the majority of people in this country angrier and angrier with their relentless lies. Not a smart thing to do at all. As they are bound to discover.

Watch this video for a good overview. It’s from non-partisan Reason TV.

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