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  1. This has almost balanced out all the bad stuff that happened this week. Of course Rall will almost immediately get a new gig–“Good Russians” are always taken care of by the Party.
    But in the meantime, let the schadenfreude roll.

  2. As much as I dislike Rall and the mentality he represents — a nasty, immature bully –, I tend not to piss on graves.

    I don’t like knocking people who are down whether they are clowns who got what they deserved or genuinely decent individuals.

    I strongly believe in karma and try to live by that. Heck, part of why I apologize as much as I do and acknowledge my own weaknesses when I screw up is BECAUSE I believe in this!

    The negativity towards others — even individuals who earn it — does backfire on you and can wreck your emotional and physical well-being.

    I know it sounds New Age, but even the Bible and other mainstream religious works have passages on this.

    The Golden Rule is still a good one to follow even for secularists.

    FYI — Perez Hilton’s time is coming, too. His online outburst at Miss California following the Miss USA contest was the last straw for many people, gay and straight. It’s recorded in digital stone and amber for all to see for all time until the end of technology. It should be obvious to anybody now with at least half a brain that he’s nothing more than an overgrown, immature bully who’s been given far more credit and power than he deserves. Gossips that live to tear down other people die by the very words they write to inflict pain to make their pathetic selves feel better. That’s really the best word for the likes of Rall and Perez Hilton — PATHETIC…

  3. No disagreement on Maher, Hud…

    He’s suffered total egomaniacal corruption and a day of reckoning is coming for the man sooner or later.

    He’s a fairly nasty individual and will get what he’s been dishing out to other people for a few years now.

    I would not want to be in his position when the final curtain collapses on him…

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