Shut Up, Bitch

The First (ahem) Lady, aka FLOTUS, is taking her dominatrix act to the restaurant industry next.

Michelle Obama is taking her next shot at obesity, calling on the National Restaurant Association to enact nutrition reforms similar to those she has worked out with Walmart and the nation’s schools, the New York Times reports. The first lady is pushing for restaurants to serve smaller portions and make sure that kids’ menus provide more fruits and vegetables and less saturated fat and sugar.

The move is an extension of Obama’s approach to nutrition reform, which emphasizes partnering with industry to enact change. Nonetheless, critics worry that her initiatives could be co-opted and neutered by business leaders whose motives are less than pure. “The best initiatives can be subverted for special interest, and it’s important to be vigilant when we form partnerships with industry,” says one nutrition doctor. Yet the Times notes that Obama vets proposals thoroughly an scientifically before she lends anything her name.

By critics I guess they mean toadies who believe in the statist lie. As we can see from the following video, fans of big brother love the idea of the government taking over the food and health care industry. Having incompetant criminals dictate every aspect of your life is something slaves love to cheer.

Meanwhile, this was their Super Bowl menu at the White House. It’s nice to see they practice what they preach.

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