So That's What they Looked Like

When I was a kid they had these ads in comic books. There was a creek across the street from our house at the time, and I wanted to get one thinking I could take it in there. Glad I didn’t because years later someone who ordered one told me they were made of cardboard. The “torpedos” were fired by a rubber band.

Well, I found this picture of what one looked like. Better than I expected, but I would have not fit in something this small. It was made for little kids. I was around 12 when those ads came out.

What did you expect for $6.98 plus 75 cents shipping. Those were the days.

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  1. I HAD one of these! I was about seven, and fit into it OK, but it was pretty crowded with two of us in there. I also got the Civil War soldiers set — remember THAT ad? They were very tiny (about 1/2 inch high), and barely 3D at all — sort of like a bas-relief on both sides. Ah, the junk we bought when we were trusting, gullible kids…

  2. Yeah, I wanted those too. I heard they were a jip, however.

    A lot of those things were. That one about the talking space monster. I think I got that one (or something like it). It turned out to be a sheet of plastic with the “monster” painted on it and a stabilizer bar and string so you could hang it up to “scare” people. Ha.

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