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  1. Since we’re talking about the “greatest superhero” franchises here, I’d just like to mention Batman Arkham Asylum – the greatest superhero Video Game of all time! Anyone who is a comic and video game fan should check it out.

  2. Spidey 3 was pretty bad… No doubt about it.

    The first two films have their moments but I still have problems with the casting of Maguire and Dunst in their respective roles. The casting of villains was great but Dafoe would have been more effective in a costume more reminiscent of Ditko’s original Goblin design. The moviemakers went with a Power Rangers’ retread because it was cheaper and didn’t require hours of makeup or prosthetics like a true-to-life Ditko version would have. Molina’s Doc Ock was spot-on and possibly the most sympathetic and psychologically realistic version of that character, period.

    That all said, I still think the 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman movie is the best live-action adaptation of a superhero, period. It reinvigorated the characterization and eventually changed the design of the character for the better over the following decade. Gone were the worst Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon lingering 1930s design elements and a more crediblle dual dichotomy of Superman was realized on film. It’s a film classic from primary casting to cameos/co-stars and a wonderful score that probably ranks as one of the best three ever written by John Williams.

    (I’m sorry, but I can’t buy Byrne’s and later creators’ rationalization of Clark Kent as uber-stud. Reeve got it right — Kent HAS to be played as a nerd/nebbish to distract you from the fact that he’s Superman. The glasses and hairdo changes just aren’t enough to fool people!)

    Unlike most people, I think the vast majority of Marvel flims and animation are awful. Excepting two animated Spider-Man series (the original 1967 show and the Spectacular Spider-Man), the Iron Man movie, and first two Raimi Spider-Man films, it’s pretty much all awful. Very predictable and standardly mediocre action films. Nothing remarkable about that at all. They’re movie-making on auto pilot with no soul at all.

    It’s amazing X-Men fans even think those films or TV series are that good because they are either so over-the-top or dreadfully diluted and play like rejected TV pilots or NBC movies of the week. They’re that bad, IMHO.

  3. Now now George C. X-Men the animated series may not have been Batman The Animated series, but it’s still better than most of the Saturday morning crap kids have to endure these days. The new X-Men series isnt too bad either.

    But, to each his own I guess. I really do believe the late 80s and mid 90s were the height of American animation but you probably think otherwise. I mean, you probably don’t wanna know what I have to say about the 60s Spidey cartoon. 😀

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