Stay Frosty

People have asked me how I got through my hell of a year or so ago. A lot of it was from the support I got which I will never forget. But also, I try to remain positive. I focus on the fact that there is always a better day ahead of you if you can just get past the bad ones. The worst thing a person can do is give up before they win.

This is why I hope those of you who are so despondent right now do not get depressed over Trump being president. Because, for one thing, you are being lied to by the press. I know you want to think I’m deluded but I’d say just wait a month or two and you may be surprised.

Yeah, you think you know him but you probably don’t. Unsourced articles in The New Yorker or HuffPo are not doing you favors. The media is trying to scare Democrats because they are afraid they are losing ground. And they are. The good news is, he is a reformer. What he will do is change a lot of things and many for the good. Again, I know you are shaking your head. But I’m telling you that if you give in to negativity, you will only make your feelings worse. You might as well just try to relax, take a deep breath and not let the negative people feed your paranoia.

What you are feeling is what a lot of conservatives felt when Obama won. And look what happened, many of them came out stronger in the end. It can happen to you. he is not out to bury us, like you may think. He actually does know what he is doing, you just don’t agree.

A much bigger thing to worry about is a global economic crisis which has been building. China is a bubble. So is the EU. They will pop. The US is 20 trillion in debt thanks to Obama. So we could do. There could be a global depression worse than the one in the 30s. It won’t be Trump’s fault, but he is doing what he can to avert it.

It would be much better of we all pulled together and tried to stay positive and focus on our lives and family.

Just a thought.

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