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A lawyer was fired after he refused to participate in a retreat his boss wanted him to go on. The boss wouldn’t tell him what was going to happen at the retreat because it was supposed to be a big secret. Fortunately, we live in the age of the internet and search engines. Here is what he probably found when he Googled up the ManKind retreat, which is apparently all over the US.

Personally, I think retreats designed to help people get in touch with themselves are largely a scam. The 70s was full of them. They were used to indoctrinate people into cults like EST and the Moonies.

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  1. This sounds like the ritualistic hazing that occurs in Greek fraternity/sorority initiations and some of the sadomasochistic stuff that goes on within parts of the US military…

    I never cared for that stuff and never pledged myself. I saw too many people beaten up with broken limbs in college that were going through initiations. The most infamous fraternity at a college I attended got away with a bunch of things for a long time because of one of the higher-ups at the school was a brother of that fraternity. The whole situation stunk to hell.

    To boot, it sounds like this lawyer’s ex-boss was having some questions about his own sexuality, too. Digusting to see that you’re forced to go onto a retreat WITHOUT being allowed to get some information and what comes out sounds like a gay beach retreat?

    I can see why the lawyer left the firm!

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