Tea Party Time

Today they’re having Tea Parties all over the US in protest of the rampant government spending by the Congress and the Administration. Here’s how you can find one in your area.

Naturally, the statists are opposed to these protests. The same people who opposed everything Bush did, right down to his toothpaste selection are calling anyone who protests today a racist, crazy and a right wing fanatic. Even though plenty of the people there will be Democrats, too. Once again, we see that the only free spoeech lefties believe in is that which supports their arguments.

They’ve even attempted to imitate the tea parties to great failure.

The people protesting today are doing it because the president’s budget has the potential to bankrupt our economy. He wants to spend more than all the presidents in the history of teh US combined. And in order to do this he has to borrow large amounts of it from the Chinese.

Normally, when you have less money coming in, you cut expenses to make ends meet. Obama’s strategy is to “spend our way out of debt” and in order to do this, in other words, he has to borrow from gangsters. Think about it, he is putting us in debt to one of the most totalitarian nations on earth. A country that one of the largest militaries on earth and is constantly challenging us and seeking the domination of space. As well as constantly looking for weakness in our infrastructure.

Naturally, there are plenty of Americans concerned about this and they want it known to the government. So they are doing peaceful protests. In response they are getting a barrage of claims that they are racists for questioning Obama, traitors, etc. This is from the same people who tried to actively undermine Bush’s policies why chaffing under the claims from some bloggers that they were acting like traitors themselves. Except in that case, they were since many were attacking our military as well as even trying to block our supply lines.

None of the tea party protests have been violent so far, but there have been reports that by some groups will try to disrupt them. The movement is growing exponentially despite the MSM’s best attempts to ignore it.

Naturally, because Fox news is covering the events today, they are trying to claim its all a right wing conspiracy. The truth is people from all parties are involved. More and more people are doing what I did as a teenager and dropping the party affiliations. Going independent.

Apparently, to the establishment, there’s no legitimate reason to question their decisions. Well, they’re getting a response whether they like it or not.

UPDATE: Judge Andrew Napolitano has some observations about that insane Dept. of Homeland Security Memo going around worth reading.

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