Ted Kennedy is Dead

Age 77.

And in other news, Obama’s stimulus checks enrich a bunch of felons.

And the Obamacare bill(s) may be dead. Let us hope so.

Maybe when the Democrats get kicked to the curb next year, some rational health cares will get sent up. Not that I am expecting any. These politicians really need to be schooled on what their job really is. I think some of them are getting the message now.

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  1. Not just yet, Hud. You watch: the Demo☭rats will attempt to invoke Ted Kennedy’s memory to prod Оба́маcare into passage. And they will do it during his memorial service.
    Besides, he had gold-plated healthcare from the United States Senate, and he still couldn’t beat the affliction which ended his life. I really, really do hope he repented of his life’s sins before he left.

  2. I am sure they will try, but this fight is fierce and too many Dems are looking really shaky right now leading up till the next election. I think the president and Pelosi will not be able to sway them over their fear of not getting reelected.

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