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  1. Hmm. Looks like someone read my Terminator series. The stealth terminators based on “cloned” real people are central to that story.
    Or maybe it’s just coincidence. Probably, I suppose.

  2. Well, it’s not a huge leap. Terminators are robots made to look like people, but they aren’t convincing (in the early models) so they are making more human models. Sort of like the Cylons in Battlestar, though they are more human than not.

  3. My idea was to make them based on real people, right down to things like body odors, scars, and memories. I wrote the story so it’s impossible to tell who is the real person until the end sequence. So it was a little more than just “more human.”

  4. I’m not saying they didn’t swipe the idea. It’s common for Hollywood types to steal from comics or read through them and take out the story they want to use. That’s why I give credit to Chrisopher Nolan who did an original Batman vs the Joker story in the Dark Knight.

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