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  1. Jeremy, don’t insult Jim with statements like “you try sampling some media outside the big six.” You’ve been reading here enough to know that he does so, regularly. Behave yourself and address his article.

  2. I was only refering to the Fox, ABC & Time pages that were linked in the Big Journalism piece. I reject PC vehemently although I don’t buy into thethe islamo-paranoia that has been the cornerstone of a large chunk of establishment Republicans over the last decade.

    Tarpley’s work is heavily referenced and he has proven to be an astute investigator, particularly in US foreign policy, for the past three decades. At least read the whole article before you reject the source outright.

    I just the wish Hud applied the same level of doubt and suspicion to events associated with US foreign policy as he does to congress and the ever expaning bureaucracy. They are the same rotten eggs in the same rotten carton.

    Hasan was a patsy.

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