Zo (Alfonzo Rachel) sets things straight on the left’s attempt to call Rush Limbaugh a nazi. The way I see it, Obama is tanking worse than anyone expected (except maybe me and a few others) and they are trying desperately to find someone else to focus their hate now that Bush is gone, to divert attention away from their immense failings.arachel

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  1. There’s such a big disconnect between what the MSN says about Obama and what you hear from white collar workers and the average person who has some savings.

    Anybody with investments on in business or with some common sense and understanding of our economic system has got to hate what Obama is doing… and yet the MSN is saying his ratings are high, 61%, and Americans are approving of what this jackal is doing.

    Every time he or one of his Cabinet members talks, the market tanks! What isn’t there to understand about what this turkey is doing to the economy?

    I had a conversation with my Dad, a physician retiring this year — he’s had it and wants out of the game despite the lower market. One of his friends told me the other day that basically there’s no difference between Obama and a communist. The actions and general political stance are the same!

    And yet, like any elitist with crooked friends, exactly WHAT has Obama really owned on his and does anybody really believe he bought his Chicago home with his own cash OR rented out that villa in Hawaiion his own dime?

    That’s the thing so many people willingly overlook or are just too naive to understand about elites like Obama. A bunch of times, these elites don’t pay for their homes and get them as “gifts” in exchange for political favors. It’s the nature of the very crooked business in politics in many cities and at the federal level.

    But some people want to go on believing Obama is so honest and principled when he’s just as corrupt as most committed extremists are… He is as cynical as they come.

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