That Sinking Feeling

WPE Obama’s negatives are now higher than his positives, And his poll average according to Gallup which is higher than others is 57% approval. People are not loving his so called plans. Most of his approval rating comes from his celebrity image.

But since he is on TV every day, mugging the camera, people are growing tired of his over exposed mug. He’s been on magazine covers every week. He constantly preempting shows for his speeches and infomercials town halls. The latest is his propaganda piece with ABC on his proposed health care disaster waiting to happen.

Fortunately, it may die a deserved death. Let’s hope.

Obama’s “plan” is to provide another insurance plan for people which includes a new “Department of Insurance”. That sounds OK on the surface, but the goal is to destroy the other insurance providers so there is only one option for health care insurance, the government. They won’t be able to compete. And then we’ll be stuck with socialized medicine.

They can’t even fund Medicare and they want to lay this nightmare on us all? No thanks.

Maybe we’ll see the end of Obama’s grin the way Carter’s faded as his poll numbers kept sinking and he became loathed. So far Obama’s handling or the Iran situation is just as weak as Carters.

Welcome back Carter indeed.

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