The Age of Heroes

The Age of Heroes started as a comic series for my own imprint Holloween Comics, then moved over to Image with issue 3, We did 6 issues total. Five were drawn by John Ridgway and the sixth by Angel Fernandez. I since continued the story as a series of novels. The first being Hell’s Reward which is available now. The sequel Heaven’s War is coming out early 2017.

Six people are brought together by fate to deal with a world where chaos stalks the fringes, Where demons and villains plot its ruin, Where no good deed goes unpunished. But the heroes won’t lie down. Instead, they will usher in a new age.

The Age of Heroes.

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  1. You can now read the comic here. I will be adding more pages shortly.

    UPDATE: To read the comment click on the article title and then go to full scareen mode by clicking the box on the menu that expands the page. Double clicking on the page lets you zoom in. Then you can drag the page around to read it. Hit escape to get the menu back.

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