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  1.  I’m keeping my expectations for the Marvel films low. 
    They’ve been hit-and-miss for me since Spider-Man…  (I’m not counting Blade; it’s vampires and frankly I always thought comic vampires were kooky and never worked well within Marvel’s universe.) 
    I disliked the X-Men series; the first two Spider-Man films were fine, but they’re not the best superhero films made… None of the Marvel films are that good including the first Iron Man — they’re just sorta good enough.  Like Diet Coke.

    I suspect Avengers will be butt-stupid good fun but none of this live-action stuff will ever match the best comics.  Avengers was at its best in the 1970s and 1980s with Englehart, Perez, Byrne, Roger Stern, and John Buscema.  They just can’t do that within live-action for a lot of technical and physical (physics, period, and real human bodies don’t stretch that well!) reasons.

    (It’s a damn shame, the atttitude of most Americans towards serious sci-fi/action/adventure/drama animation.  There have been some particularly good Japanese series that have tackled similar almost superhero genre standards such as Gatchaman and the more recent Scryed.  Even the American animation industry is stuck with the general attitude that yucks are the best and it’s not good if it’s not funny.  There’s a balance that generally isn’t there and that’s why it’s remained traditionally fluffy, juvenile, and mediocre since the late 1950s…  It wasn’t always so before the advent of TV broadcasting and cheaply production original TV animation productions.)

    I will give the Avengers filmmakers credit for sticking to the basic core “classic” Avengers membership even if Black Widow and Hawkeye have replaced Ant/Giant-Man and the Wasp.  I can sorta tolerate Nick “Shaft” Fury even though SHIELD never played a huge role in the running of the Avengers within the mainstream Marvel Comics.   Like all other Marvel multimedia now, the live-action films are a mish-mash of the classic Marvel Universe storylines and the godawful Ultimate comics line for better or worse.

    Animation — particularly hand-drawn — does the best job of matching the original comics but Marvel just doesn’t have the talent in animation that DC has right now.  IF they had a Bruce Timm AND an Andrea Romano AND the teams of artists and actors the DC animation productions have AND left these creators alone, then Marvel could match DC’s animated quality.

    But that’s not going to happen under the Disney aegis let alone with Jeph Loeb, Quesadilla, and Brian Michael Bendis running the Marvel show.  They’re hardly the best writers/producers in comicdom and there’s a glibness and superficiality to their comic storylines and sensibilities that I don’t think will stand the test of time anymore than the Image work of Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, or Marc Silvestri has.

    Yes, I have seen the Avengers animated series on Disney XD and it’s not Justice League.  The latter show was by far the best adaptation of ANY superhero team in any multimedia form and is going to remain the standard every other team show will be judged by.  So far, not one single other team series has even close to the mark JL/JLU set during its run.  Not even the two Justice League movies released direct-to-video have matched the best story arcs of the JL/JLU series…

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