The Biggest Liar Around

This president reneges on deals worse than Michael Jackson and he’s trying to put this country under some kind of a federal politburo worse than the Soviet Union. Of course, he tries to spin it.

Hours after the House passed landmark legislation meant to curb greenhouse gas emissions and create an energy-efficient economy, President Barack Obama on Saturday urged senators to show courage and follow suit.

The sharply debated bill’s fate is unclear in the Senate, and Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address to ratchet up pressure on the 100-seat chamber.

“My call to every senator, as well as to every American, is this,” he said. “We cannot be afraid of the future. And we must not be prisoners of the past. Don’t believe the misinformation out there that suggests there is somehow a contradiction between investing in clean energy and economic growth.”

Cap and Trade is the administrations attempt to put energy companies under its thumb like it di ith Banks and Auto. And is trying to do with Medical and Insurance industries with its health care plans. This administration is trying to socialize every aspect of America and destroy free trade.

You can’t believe anything Obama says. Here are two examples of his mendacity:

1. Obama claimed with the Rod Blagojevich scandal that: “I only saw Rod Blagojevich one time … and that was in the stands and from a distance at a Chicago Bears Football Game.”

Here’s evidence of his lie. There are a lot more pictures than these out there.

Since so many people have whined about this not being sourced (tell it to Sarah Palin, people) you can substitute this recent lie Obama has told. One of many. And this one is on video.



2. Remember when he said has transparency on bills and no more bills would have things slipped in them. He would allow people five days to review them? He broke that one. He also claimed people will know what corporations benefit. He’s broke that one too.

3. He said the stimulus had to be rushed through because we had shovel ready projects that would provide jobs. Almost none of that stimulus money has been spent since that bill was rushed through. It was another scam.

Now look what he is doing to the dollar while he’s trying to nationalize every sector of the economy.

We need to fire all of these creeps from government while we still have voting rights. We’re going to end up like Iran with crazed ideologues running the country. And no one will have any rights. It’s happening before our eyes.

UPDATE: Many people seem to have an issue with that quote in #1 since it’s unsourced. Yet no one has debunked it at this date. We can call it a draw on that one. However, here is another lie he told that is related that will one day be revealed. Chicago politicians are known for their corruption and the fact is these kind of deal are S.O.P. there. Look at the illegal bankruptcy dealings on the two auto companies the administration rammed through giving the unions unprecedented power and shared ahead of the other creditors. That alone should have Obama impeached.

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  1. It’s impossible to comment on all the tidal wave of crap you list above, so let me make just a couple comments.

    Obama made much of how the focus of the Spendulus Bill would be on “shovel ready” projects to fix “America’s crumbling infrastructure.” Well, the various women’s groups got wind of that and noting that heavy construction work of that type in about 99% men, descended on Washington like a flock of screeching harpies. By the time they left, 42% of the stimulus money had be earmarked for female-only jobs.
    To repeat my weary phrase, we are now a banana republic.

    On the cap and trade bill–what was voted through did not exist at the time of the vote. They had not completed adding the extra pages and making the needed alterations where those pages conflicted with pages in the original bill. As far as I am aware, the completed bill is still not available for examination. So, in Obama’s America, you can pass a semi-generic bill and fill in the blanks later. Sure wish I could have done that when I got my mortgage.

  2. I forgot to add his reneging his promise to lefties that he wouldn’t have endless detainment without trial. He plans to sign an exec order for that shortly for the Gitmo detainees.

  3. Hi, I’m moron. I regurgitate fabricated stories without checking to see if they are valid. I challenge all you right wingnuts to find one credible source of this quote. But hey we all know you won’t do it, you’ll just pass it along to all your wingnut friends and you’ll all make believe its true and somehow validates all the other ridiculous venom you spew. Ask yourself one questions…Do my actions of spreading mistruths about the President make America a stronger nation? What a bunch of dopes. If you don’t like the guy at least criticize him for things that have actually happened or that he has actually said.

  4. You’re not making a very good case for yourself by coming on here and insulting people. If you bothered to pay attention to what Obama is actually doing instead of believing all the propaganda from his MSM toadies, you wouldn’t be bitching at me.

    Also, it’s not my job to research your arguments or you. This is my blog. Agree or disagree, but don’t make personal attacks.

  5. You are right James, this is your blog. You state it is not your job to research my arguments, again you are correct. But YOU might want to research your own posts to make sure they are factual, but why do that when whether its true or not doesn’t matter because you don’t like the guy. You tell me not to believe all the propoganda from his toadies, yet you believe and spread this kind of partisan propoganda…toadies indeed. So again, you are right, this is your blog. And if the purpose of your blog is to post completely untrue and biased right wing propoganda that serves absolutely no purpose…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  6. What’s typical of people like you is you accuse people of lying but provide no examples or evidence. You also fail to understand thay YOU are being lied to by the very administration you’re defending and they are responsible for making your life worse, not better.

    Yelling at me isn’t going to make your life any better. I am just the messenger.

  7. James I should have been a little more clear…I have only been referring your comment:

    “1. Obama claimed with the Rod Blagojevich scandal that: “I only saw Rod Blagojevich one time … and that was in the stands and from a distance at a Chicago Bears Football Game.”

    I completely agree with numbers 2 and 3. Also, if you look back you will see I never defended the Obama administration. This is an assumption on your part. I am defending the truth and the truth is Obama never made that comment. I am defending this country, whether I like or agree with the president or not (given your assumptions about me, you would be surprised how often I do not), I will not spread lies about things the President did not say or do…what possible useful purpose to our country could that serve?

  8. We can argue whether or not he made that comment, but he did deny having known or having any dealings with Blago and the fact is, as a senator of the state, he would have to deal with the governor. There are tons of pictures of them all chummy together. Obama has a tendency to lie like this about relationships. He claimed he barely knew who William Ayers was, when in fact he knew him well, launched his career in his house, gave quotes praising his books, served on boards and committees with him. He claimed he never heard any racist sermons in teh church of Rev Wright, yet he attended it for 20 years.

    The guy is a pathological liar.

  9. There is no argument over the comment…I can state with 100% certainty he did not make it. Is he a pathological liar – he’s a politician, so that would be a yes. Name me one politician, in a position of power, that is not a pathological liar.

    Here’s the point James…when people spread lies about liars, its gives the liars cover. Next time he is caught in a lie he can deflect it by saying its just another untruth just like the time they said that I said “I only saw Rod Blagojevich one time … and that was in the stands and from a distance at a Chicago Bears Football Game.” Now your average uninformed American thinks well if they lied about him then maybe they are lying about him now. He doesn’t know who to believe and gets to a point where he really doesn’t care – it’s how apathy happens.

    Go back to my first post…it ended with ” If you don’t like the guy at least criticize him for things that have actually happened or that he has actually said.”

    You lose all credibility when you title a blog entry “The Biggest Liar Around” and the first example you give is completely untrue.

    Ask yourself, when I call the President “The Biggest Liar Around” and then post completely untrue statements on my blog do I appear (a) informed or (b) uninformed?

    Stick to facts James…there are more than enough to criticize him about.

  10. How do you prove somebody didn’t say something? If it was never said there would nothing to show. The best proof I can offer is that if it were true Fox News would run every it 10 minutes and they have never, ever even mentioned this false quote. Can offer anything more credible that it was said…I know you’ve looked. I also know you found nothing – more proof.

    But you’re still missing the point, don’t criticize liars with lies. It ruins any and all of your credibility and makes you no different from them.

  11. Well, your argument is kind of weak. You call me a liar offering no evidence. You ignore my larger point.

    Aside from that you started off calling me a “right-wing wingut”. I have always been an independent. I don’t support either political party and never have. To me it’s always been a lesser of two evils deal every election. My politics are more libertarian which is not right wing or left wing. It’s some of both.

    Since a blog post is more of an opinion than the gospel, I don’t think your credibility premise applies. You either agree or disagree with my points. There is a recording of him saying that somewhere because I saw him say it on TV way back when the Blago scandal broke. He’s also made similar denials. It’s not as important as the bigger issue that I make with this post.

  12. “I only saw Rod Blagojevich one time … and that was in the stands and from a distance at a Chicago Bears Football Game.”

    Is there any attribution for that quote?
    Is it from a media interview, and was it published or broadcast?

    Not very controversial if he said it, say, to the Daily Herald in 2007.

  13. Also, if it was a comment after the election, then what was the question he was answering, and what are the sentences before and after the quoted one?
    This is a game of taking a sound byte out of the context in which it was said, then implying a different meaning of the statement.

    This is a silly, manufactured controversy. Of course he’s met the Governor. If he was Jr. Senator for Illinois and never met the Governor, then he wouldn’t be doing much of a job.

    Prove me wrong. Let’s see a paragraph including this quote.

  14. It’s hilarious how worked up you guys are over this quote when you ignore the much worse things he’s lied about and done. Seriously, talk about ignoring the 800 pund gorilla in the room.

    I will try to find attribution when I feel like it. Some of us have a life

  15. You won’t find any attribution for the quote.

    In fact, I don’t believe you’ll find *any* web page that existed before June 2009 that has this quote, let alone in the December 2008 time when it would have been relevant. The pages where you will find it are all blogs, and it does not appear to have been mentioned by reputable news sites, or *any* news sites, for that mstter.

    This was your #1 example of President Obama’s lying ways.
    If you’re not able to support example #1, then how credible are points #2, #3, and other postings?

  16. C’mon Jason, you don’t buy into that “oh, you were wrong once, so you must be full of shit all time” adage? I’m sure you’ve been wrong about something before. But that doesn’t mean your views are invalid.

    Maybe he said it. Maybe he didn’t. Who gives a fuck. The only thing that is important is for the people to realise the guy is as big a criminal as the guy before him was. I had hope last year, like lots of others did. But almost everything the guy has done reeks of influence from the normal scumbags that have dominated the political scene since the 60s: Kissinger, Brzezinski, etc. Throw in an bankster-heavy set of advisors, and it all reeks of elitism.

  17. Jason,

    WEAK! Major logical fallacy.

    Jeremy pointed it out for you, but you didn’t prove that it’s not real. I remember hearing the clip on TV when the Blago scandal broke. But I have yet to find a useful reference. I hardly think it dismisses everything else. But that’s the kind of logic people like yourself want to use so you don’t have to think.

    Based on your logic, nothing Obama has ever said matters because he has lied before. And you know he has.

  18. This was definitely noted at the time, to the point where several bloggers and websites posted the quote(s) along with dated pictures of all the times Obama had been together with him.
    I’m sure Obama’s first quote about it was something about only ever seeing him in the distance at a baseball game.

  19. Here’s an Obama quot that’s real (though Snopes tried to spin it badly) and it shows what a tool he is:

    “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”

    Welcome back, Carter indeed.

  20. “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”

    Snopes tried to “spin” that “quote”?
    No, they correctly pointed out it was *a fabrication*.

    The blogger that originally posted it in a National Review blog, Mark Steyn, wrote about how that line was written by an associate of his, John Gross, and how it was misappropriated as an “Obama quote”.

    He writes about the story of this non-quote in the Orange County Register.

    The Snopes posting on the above quote is here
    But if you look at the OC Register article, then that’s all you need to read.

  21. See, that wasn’t so hard was it? I deliberately laid that one for you. also debunked it. But no one has debunked the other one. And it’s been floating around for awhile.

    But as I said, it’s hardly as relevant as the issue at hand,

  22. “I only saw Rod Blagojevich one time … and that was in the stands and from a distance at a Chicago Bears Football Game.”

    Is there any attribution for that quote?
    Is it from a media interview, and was it published or broadcast?

    You won’t find any attribution for the quote.

    In fact, you will not find *any* web page that existed before June 2009 that has this quote, let alone in the December 2008 time when it would have been relevant. The pages where you will find it all use it as a lead-in for the same set of pictures, and it has never been mentioned by reputable news sites, or *any* news sites, for that matter.

    Unless the Obama Administration has purged Google of the quote, then it didn’t exist online before a month ago when it began to appear with pictures of Obama and Blagojevich together.

  23. I suspect that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt a known Obama supporter has used his control over Google to have it removed from the internets.

  24. Jason,

    I really hate going over the same ground endlessly. I have seen it in a clip months ago. But it’s hardly the issue here. Normally I always provide the link back to something. None the less, old evil eyes is a pathological liar. His latest is to say the stimulus is working.

    No stimulus has ever worked and this one has barely been spent.

  25. James, I was searching the internet looking for a source for the quotation, for Obama’s “lie” as I just received a spam railing about it. Couldn’t find one source, anywhere – video, news or through the blogs. That is unusual for any quote from any president. If it were true I’d like to know it, but unless I can see a valid source (video would be best), I have to believe it is a fabrication.

    As you are not a professional blogger, meaning that you have a “day job” and don’t count on the blog for your livelyhood, your blog seems to be something fun for you and a place to voice your opinion. The fact that you actually said yesterday that you updated the article since you couldn’t find a source made me gain respect for you – you can say when you are wrong. Keep on stating the facts to back up your opinions and I’ll have even greater respect – best of luck.

  26. I won’t say it’s an untrue quote until it’s properly debunked. No one has debunked it. So in my option, it’s a neutral situation right now.

    I do find it interesting that Obama has lied about a lot of other things bigger than this, but so many people are obsessing about this one incident.

    The bankruptcies of Chrysler and GM were unconstitional, and therefore grossly illegal. What about the rush to pas his stimulus bill. He claimed we had to hurry to get it passed to save the economy. They have only spent 10% and the economy is a lot worse. Yet Obama claims its getting better.

  27. “I won’t say it’s an untrue quote until it’s properly debunked. No one has debunked it. So in my option, it’s a neutral situation right now.”

    Sorry, James, that’s not how it works at all. The burden of proof is on you to document a quote, not on others to prove that Obama DIDN’T say that. How in the world would that possibly work? Given your logic, I could publish a statement that says, “James Hudnall claims he only saw Rod Blagojevich one time,” and it would then fall on you to prove all the times you didn’t say that. As a lifelong Republican, I’m embarrassed that you don’t understand how this works. You’re simply, factually incorrect.

  28. Clinton had a great quote: Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line.

    RW’s don’t care what they say, who they say it to or how many people it effects. You say something, you know it’s not true but you say it anyway because you know that a large majority of the populus is uninformed and impressionable and they’ll believe you. That frazzled hag at McCain’s rally calling Obama an “untrustworty Arab” is the end result – people who are brainwashed, too stupid and afraid to think for themselves yet will vote your way out of fear. And regurgitating crap you find on FOX blogs is not news…you’re just flushing the toilet again when the turd pops up.

    Someone in the middle of Arkansas says it, his cousin Earl writes it down in crayon and mails it to his other cousin Earl in Kansas who is “internettin” and “emailin” who then finds a few pictures to “back up” his quote and away it goes. News.

    Because LW’s then read this, ask for proof and sources, the onus is now somehow on us to prove that it didn’t happen or was never said?? You’ve conceided a neutrality here during the dicussion but there’s nothing neutral about it. It didn’t happen. I can pull up a Flintstone cartoon from 1965 in 30 seconds on-line but no one anywhere can apparently find a printed word or video available linking the President to a scandal????


    You’re a funny guy…

  29. You guys sure are hysterical about this. Honestly. You threatened by a blog post enough to waste both our times belaboring the issue? Maybe it’s because you know old evil eyes is a mendacious mediocrity. It’s bad enough he’s destroying the economy, and generally F’ing up everything he sets his so called mind on. But he’s got legions of defenders trying to save his honor because otherwise they’re going to have to face the reality he is the biggest failure of a president in the history of this country.

    Keep chasing those rainbows, peeps!

  30. Nice try, James. You’re proven wrong about the quote you printed, but rather than man up and admit it you change the topic. And where did you get the idea that I was threatened by your blog post? Once again, if you can show me proof that I was threatened, I’ll believe it. Until then, keep chasing rainbows.

  31. Brian,

    The only thing you’re proving is that you’re given to rather strange leaps of logic. You haven’t proven me wrong, either. So now you’re just trying to save face. That ship has sailed.

  32. As I explained before, James, the burden of proof is NOT on me to prove you’re wrong — you ran a completely fabricated quote and offered no explanation for its provenance. Until you offer evidence that Obama said what you claim he said, you are, de facto, wrong. Either you don’t understand that (in which case I feel sorry for you), or you DO understand that and you’re not owning up to it (in which case I feel sorry for you even more). So which is it?

  33. You say it’s not true and I have said multiple times that there is no evidence it’s false. No one has debunked it, yet many sites are usually quick to do so. But they haven’t. So I am calling it a draw. I’m not interested in continuing this argument. Subject closed.

  34. Fair enough. But just so you know, I did a Nexis search for the quote you attributed to Obama. Those words were never printed in any newspaper in the United States — not in any big paper, not in any small paper; not in any left-leaning paper, not in any right-leaning paper. Next I searched the complete text transcripts of every White House speech, every White House press conference, and every discussion between Obama and the press. Once again, those words you attributed to Obama simply do not appear.

    If that’s what you call a draw, then I wish you well, my friend.

  35. Hud, there is no such thing as an 800 pound gorilla! (ref: July 10th, 2009 at 11:43 am) That proves you’re a liar!?! (hehe, friggin paper hangers!)

  36. Brian,

    Silence means I am tired of circular arguments, I said the argument is closed. That means move on, All you’ve proven is you’re some kind of troll. You come on here insulting people, then have to have the last word in every conversation,. Some of us have better things to do than play with third grade arguments.

    FYI: Everything that ever was is NOT on the internet. You can’t find everything even though it seems you can sometimes. There are a lot of clips and quotes not available. Many things get redacted. People with political agendas google bomb and use other tricks to wipe out trails.

    I tried for years to find a clip that I know exists. It was an interview with 40s gangster Mickey Cohen. It was on the internet briefly then was yanked for rights issues. I mised my chance until it comes back. I have seen it referenced, Like this Obama quote is referenced. But just because its not on the internet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    Even a Lexis search isn’t 100% effective. It’s just one of the better means.

    IF you did one. I have no evidence you did other than your word and I have no reason to take your word for it, seeing how you’ve acted.

    So, no, you did not prove anything except in your mind. Personally, I have better things to do than run around in circles to satisfy your apparent obsession with an old blog post.

  37. That makes sense, James. I did do a Nexis search; I do feel I’ve proven you wrong; and I don’t feel like I’ve insulted anyone (other people on this comments train have, but not me). That said, I buy your logic and think this is certainly an issue where reasonable people can disagree. So thank you for your time and for the debate.

  38. I am long time Republican and I received this quote from an email. I find it impossible to believe the quote. I don’t doubt that Mr. Obama will spin the truth until it’s too dizzy to see, but he is NOT stupid. To make this sort of quote when it’s so patently untrue would be stupid. The man and his ideas need to be defeated! You can not defeat them by using falsehoods that’s the liberal way, not the way of integrity, besides, it just gives him more credibility in the future. If you can’t source the quote then you have to pull it.

  39. I ran across this blog because someone sent me an email with the same supposed quote from Obama. I did as much research as I possibly could, and as far as I can see, Obama never said the words. It’s yet another smear.

    Look: I fully understand that there are many people who are strongly opposed to Obama, his agenda, his policies, and his beliefs. I have no problem with that; we’re all entitled to our own opinions, but we’re NOT entitled to our own facts. Spreading smears and lies about Obama is NOT the way Americans debate politics… at least ,not honest Americans. Mr. Hudnall, if you can’t substantiate the quotation, then why are you more than willing to propogate it? Don’t you think your arguments that are based on fact are strong enough, so you need to invent falsehoods?

  40. I’m sure all you people complaining about this have told the websites lying about Sarah Palin to straighten out their act, right?

    No? Well hurry up.

    I just replaced it with something else. There are plenty of Obama lies to talk about. He is nothing but a fraud.

  41. So, you’re suggesting that it’s OK to blatantly lie about what a politican has said, because others are telling lies, too?

    Is that the morality and ethics your parents taught you? Did you learn that in church somewhere?

    If you’ve got legitimate complaints about Obama, we’re all hgappy to hear about them.

    But when you propagate something you KNOW to be a lie, you become nothing more than a liar yourself, and you lose ALL credibility.

  42. That’s pretty funny, considering you didn’t answer my question and considering I substituted it with a video of Obama lying.

    As I said over and over again, since no one has debunked it the jury is still out. I am agnostic about its veracity. Saying it was never said when no one can prove otherwise doesn’t make it false.

    Meanwhile, what are you doing to correct all the lies about Palin or Bush. Eh?

  43. I can’t believe people are still so wound up about this. Liberals sure don’t like it when they get a shot of their own medicine, do they? The current insanity over the town hall meetings is a perfect example.
    If every liberal “lost credibility” over propagating a known lie, politics would be a much more quiet and peaceful place.
    In any case, Norm, you have NOT proved it to be a lie. You believe it is, and that’s fine. But you have PROVEN nothing, although the proof for it seems lacking. So Jim remains entitled to his opinion while research continues.

  44. Sorry, Toren — I’m a conservative and I generally agree with your points, but Norm is right here. If the original Obama quote lacks attribution and substantiation (which it does), and there’s no record of it in any newspaper or as part of any press transcript, then I think that’s all the proof that’s required. Otherwise you’re asking Norm to prove a negative (i.e., come up with proof for all the times Obama did NOT say the quote in question), which I’m sure you would agree is an absurd and unreasonable standard of proof.

  45. And the issue is moot, I replaced it with something else. Sheesh!

    99.999999% of the time I attribute a quote. Since this one has not been debunked by Snopes or any other fact checker, I ran with it. It still hasn’t been. That is why I am not 100% satisfied it was never said. I am willing to accept that possibility, but as I said, there are plenty of other Obama lies. I gave examples. There are more to easily be had. Nuff said.

  46. I’ve asked a friend of mine who is a professional journalist (liberal) to use her access to NEXUS to search for any sort of related or similar quote. If she can’t find it, I’ll consider the matter closed.

  47. Thast’s right, Torren… Lexis-Nexis has no record of the statement.

    But, what the hell, from the perspecitve of the hard core right wing, lying is perfectly OK, as long as it’s the opposition they’re lying about.

    For the record: when someone makes an allegation, it is THEIR responsibility to prove it’s true. Asking someone else to prove it false is asinine, and a disingenuous dodge… you can’t prove a negative. However, I’ve seen this time and time again: someone makes an indefensible statement, and then argues that it’s up to everyone else to prove them wrong.

    For the last time: if your political objections to Obama, or whatever you’re objecting to, are valid, then there’s no NEED to lie.

    If you feel you have to lie, then maybe it’s because you don’t have any confidence in the validity of your beliefs.

  48. Man, this is the most tedious argument ever.

    I won’t be lectured by you on veracity since your arguments were shot down multiple times above. It hasn’t been debunked by anyone. But I WAS willing to accept it’s not 100% solid, which I did BEFORE you came in late to this argument. I alresdy wrote an update saying I was taking it out for now. Since that did not get through to people like yourself, I put it right over where it was with a replacement that is sourced.

    But you still miss the point. You want to call me a liar for one part of a multi-part article. You ignore the over all argument. It’s a massive logical fallacy to say if one part of a multi-part argument is false the whole thing is false. And personal attacks are also a classic logical fallacy mainly used by people who can’t get it up in the debate department.

    You attacked me, but you have failed to refute my point that Obama is a liar. Calling me one is just a lame dodge. I didn’t make up the quote. THAT would be lying. The origin is still to be determined. Adn since it appears to be hearsay, I will leave it at that.

    But it is not a lie by me. Get your facts straight.

  49. Norm, you are quasi-psychotic. If you can’t accept a simple end to an argument without ranting on and on about your demented belief that the left never lies and that if one lie comes from the right everything they say forever and ever amen is discredited, just go away. You are not wanted here.
    And I’m done. No more feeding the trolls.

  50. Mr. Hudnall,
    You are amazing. You say if no one can debunk the supposed quote by Obama about Blagojevich, then it is draw. With reasoning like that are to believe that you are a logical person?

    I say that you said that “Obama was the best president the nation has ever seen”. Can you debunk that? Can you prove that you didn’t say that?

    I think not.

  51. What’s amazing is that people like you are still complaining about this as if it’s relevant. It was crossed out. And replaced with another example. Here’s another one. Obama said when he was running for president that his health care plan wouldn’t force people to buy insurance. Whoops!

    What I said about the quote is that IT HASN’T BEEN DEBUNKED, not that it COUNTN’T BE debunked. Big diff. If or SNOPES debunked it, fine. But none have. And I pulled it anyway, so it’s really a moot point.

    Get over it.

    P.S. Obama is a liar.

  52. Here is a question. Who is the bigger liar, Obama for the examples you cite or George Bush’s claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

    Which lie has cost the most in American lives and treasure?

  53. Jesus H Christ, Jim, ban this demented, clueless, a-hole. What a waste of bandwidth. And my GOD, the old “There were no WMDS!!!1!” canard. Even the UN claimed they were there, as did Hillary and Bill and dozens of other Dems and random liberals. I can provide an EXTENSIVE list of sourced quotes.
    Loon-lefties like Ed live in their own little world of make-believe that no facts or reason can penetrate. They can only be ignored.

  54. you post false quotes that were totally made up and then call people “whiners” for calling you out… tells me everything I need to know

  55. Those people were complaining when I replaced ONE line with something else. And they still bitched about it, while ignoring the fact that so many other lies are right there not being disputed. That tells me everything I need to know about Obamabots not dealing with reality.

  56. I don’t think you really have any idea how credibility works. If you are going to regurgitate some ridiculous lie such as Obama’s “quote” about Rod Blagoyevich, then you have the burden of proof. Who did he say that to? Where and when? What news source picked up on it? I assume you are intelligent enough to not actually believe what you are writing. Do a little research. In fact, President Obama was a trusted aide to Blagoyevich before he became a senator. He would never have said what you claim he did, and if so, Fox News would have nailed him on it (they do the bidding of the Republican party, after all). The fact that I can’t “debunk” that myth doesn’t mean it’s a draw, just as you not being able to debunk my theory that you are a moron doesn’t mean it might be true.

    • I cant believe your arguing about something I dismissed already. Especially when the point was to show the hypocrisy of Bush bashers who did the same thing over Bush for 8 years. 

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