The Bills that Could Change Everything

When Pravda says America is moving toward Socialism, it’s fair to say it isn’t a right wing meme, Chavez and Castro have praised Obama. You don’t need more proof than that. But of course, the left denies they are trying to socialize America.

But occasionally, their mask slips. Barny Frank admits they are trying to “increase the role of government on every front”. Maxine Waters is famous for saying she wants to socialize the energy companies. Er, nationalize (same difference).

Right now they are trying to pass Obamacare with a public option. Despite having said they would pull the option, several times. They keep sticking it back in. Fortunately, moderate Dems are not going along with Reid’s plans. So it’s not a lock, but you can’t count them out, they are trying to get it through by hook or by crook. Emphasis on the crook.

The Dems are seeing the polls and it’s looking very bad for them. Two governor races next week, in Virginia and New Jersey are going to be a strong bell weather. It looks like the Dems will lose the Virginia race. If they lose New Jersey, the wavering Democrats will buck from the Obamacare and Cap and Trade bills.

As it is these two bills are not on solid footing, but they do have the majority and you can’t count out their determination,. They want power and these bills will solidify their power more than anything since FDR. They really don’t care than either is going to bankrupt the US and destroy our economy. That is not a joke. Many analysts say these bills are unsustainable.

They have to go down in flames. And if both do, Obama’s going to be a lame duck president in his first year of office. Because no one will want to sign onto anything he does after that. They want to do card check and immigration next. These two bills are a test of the Dem majority. If they can’t do it, it’s highly unlikely they will succeed with bills that follow.

Obama’s poll numbers are plummeting. Next year is an election years so politicians will be scrambling and most lefties will have to act moderate so that will hamper any of the extreme things Obama plans do do. ACORN has been wounded. So they may not be able to effect the vote like they would have.

Next year is a now or never option for Americans to reverse the “change” Obama is trying to ram down our throats. Let’s hope these two bills die a much deserved death. We can’t let them happen.

If they do, the only hope is to get the bills killed by electing enough anti-statists independents and republicans in the next election so they can defund them. But let’s hope we don’t need to go there.

UPDATE: For saying he will filibuster Reid’s Bill, Lieberman is hero of the day.

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