The Bland Leading the Blind

Last night I watched and reviewed the HBO Obama documentary “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama”. Gee, what a pretentious title.

Here’s my review on Big Hollywood. I switched over to watch “V” on ABC, and found it to be a more exciting and entertaining version of the same story. Attractive people come from nowhere, make all kinds of promises to save the world if we give them our love and devotion. But they really want to destroy us.

It’s a good thing there was more hopeful stuff on TV last night, like Jon Corzine losing in New Jersey. That’s gotta hurt!

UPDATE: I did a V review as well, as ABC removed the showrunner.

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  1. So James,

    Unfortunately, I actually sat through the entire mockumentary. Had I known “V” was on, I immediately would have switched over. I did however see the clips on FOX News this evening (following the Evil Empire’s game six victory – yes, I am a lifelong Sox fan). Wow, ABC really spelled it out? Impressive.

    I suppose my question to you would be: Is this the beginning of media exposure? A crack in the wall? After the whole FOX News war with the White House and the solidarity shown by the other networks, I had a feeling this would eventually become an all or nothing thing. Meaning, one network would get squashed (or so the administration thought) and all else would remain silent and watch, or all would fear the iron curtain being drawn, and finally grow a pair.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, Also, I put my blog address in the “website” category. I am very new to this ‘blogging’ world (a little late, I know). I am not asking you to join my blog or anything like that, I would just appreciate some constructive criticism if you would be so kind. And finally, please forgive my writing style; it has been about 15 years since I have penned anything other than real estate documents. I am sure if you were to take a red pen to my writing it would look like…well..a paper marked up with a great deal of red ink.

    Thanks again,
    Josh (TRD)

  2. Josh,

    It’s hard to say if it’s not just a coincidence that V hit all those notes, because the show was sold before Obama was made president. But it did and people seem to like that. Which should send a message.. If the producers are smart, they won’t neuter it.

    I do think Obama is over as “the one”. Few people will look to him again the way his followers did in the election.. And as his poll numbers sink into the 40s, the media will start picking at him until there is blood in the water and he becomes chum. Then the sharks will come out. Because the press, who elected him, will have to uphold their honor, and for all intents and purposes he will be a failure. And they pushed a guy on us they did not vet.

    He will not pass any of his major bills. And he will not “fix” the economy. Everything they are doing is bad for the economy. And next year the Dems will have their clocks cleaned.

    As for your blog, it looks fine. Just make sure you bring your own unique insights and angle to things.

  3. I have to say, I wish fellow supporters of Obama would stop treating the guy like he’s Muad’Dib. People in general seem to have this problem where they deify folks and treat them like the Second Coming. Some folks pick politicians (either Reagan or Bush or Clinton or Obama), some people pick famous athletes (Gretsky, Jordan, Woods, Mantle, etc.) or movie stars – hell, I once made a joke while my mother watched a rerun of Little House on the Prairie about Michael Landon’s hair being a helmet, and she reacted as if I had exposed myself in church (I actually had to calm her down!).

    On a sidenote, the original V miniseries was supposed to be about a fascist takeover of our government, similar to how the Nazis took over Germany in the early 1930s. The suits didn’t think it would be believable enough, so they made the creator re-do it in a science fiction version involving an alien takeover (which, for some reason, they thought was much more easy for people to get, for some reason). As it is in vogue now to refer to either the conservatives or liberals as fascists (depending on which side you stand), I suppose people will see whatever they want in the new show. I highly doubt that the conservative film director Don Siegel meant The Invasion of the Body Snatchers to be an allegory for either McCarthyism (as some suggest in film classes across the country) or the “Red Menace,” but everyone likes to add their own two cents to everything.

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