The Clueless Press

Check out the reporters reaction to 9/11 as its happening. First they ignore the second plane. Then when it dawns on them that a second plane hit the towers, it’s like”Maybe there was some kind of navigation malfunction.”

Now we have people today who don’t want to deal with reality. Iran is making nukes and Islamists are planting a victory mosque at ground zero and the lefties are defending it all.

Avoiding reality only leads to bad consequences later.

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  1. I was watching WNYW (CNN switches to them at the end of the footage shown above) at the time which is a totally different take on what was going on, including an eyewitness who thought (but couldn’t be sure) the first plane appeared to be taking a deliberate path toward the WTC. Not that there’s any excuse for the “navigation malfunction” speculation, but it seems to me that the ABC reporter above wasn’t watching the video footage being shown live to the audience while the NYW reporters clearly were from their reactions to the 2nd plane.

    • There’s a video on You Tube that shows different news takes of the events as that happen. A lot of shows reacted to the second plane as it hits, but CNN was probably not watching the monitor.

      Watching those videos really brings back memories of that day. I can’t image how people must have felt on the Island when it was going down. I have talked to people who were uptown and the smoke made it to their apartment.

  2. It was a really weird day for me, as Tomoko and I were sitting in the airport on Grand Cayman, waiting for our puddle-jumper flight to Cayman Brac. I usually sit as far away as I can from airport monitors belching out CNN (even though Fox is more than twice as popular, it’s always CNN), so I didn’t notice what was going on until the counter agents started coming out to look at the monitor.
    It was quite a surprise. Of course, like everyone else I had no idea how big of an attack it was going to be, but I do remember thinking two things–first, whoever it was had no more than an hour at most to do much more, because the Air Force would be all over them; and second, that “someone” was going to get their ass kicked. You simply don’t do that to America and expect to get away with it.
    Since the Caymans were not subject to the FAA airspace shutdown, we were flown over to Cayman Brac a few hours later–after much discussion among the top brass at Cayman Airways. We were extremely lucky to have a flight, really.
    I refused to let the events get in the way of my first vacation in seven years, so I only watched the news for a couple hours each night. It was all pretty surreal, that’s for sure.

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