The Crescent War

Anyone who thinks Islamist extremists aren’t using any means necessary to take over the west hasn’t been studying history. Islamists don’t have to use warfare, they can use our system of tolerance and “multi-culturalism” against us. And they can afford to be patient.

Europeans made a huge mistake in letting in wave upon wave of immigrants without thinking about the consequences of so many people from such an alien culture might do to their demographics and society. The Islamists made no effort to assimilate. Leftist multiculturalism demands that the west adapt to immigrants, not the other way around. It’s been the stated goal of the left to tear down western culture for 100 years now. The unintended consequence of this action is to create a vacuum that opportunists like Islamist fascists will try to fill.

The leftists think they have things under control. This is why they support any Islamic actions, like the Ground Zero Mosque. The Islamists want to plant a flag, and the lefties are happy to let them. The truth is, lefties are not winning. Their ideas don’t work and never have. They weaken and destroy economies. Islamism only leads to dysfunctional, repressive states just as bad a Marxist ones, but in a different way.

Like it are not we’re in a new cold war, which I’m calling the Crescent War, after the symbol of Islam. Who knows where it’s going, or how long it will play out. The old war lasted Decades. This one may as well.

They will try to subvert us the way the communists tried to subvert us. The communists made great strides, even though they failed in other ways. Both will try to damage us.

As I have said before, we do not want to fall like Iran did.

UPDATE: Newt Gingrich sees the same problem as his new movie explans

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